Watch: Tides of Man – “Audiotree Session”

Tides of Man‘s album “Young and Courageous” was a huge success for the band and their future. Released in 2014 by these Floridian post-rockers, the album is completely different from anything they’ve ever written before. In fact, this album is the only instrumental by them, as their previous releases all had vocals. The songs as a whole are much less chaotic than before, but it is because they’ve evolved as a whole to create a more mature record. With that being said, their live performance brings out the best of all their capabilities as musicians and the songs are taken to a much more fluid and expansive level.

Luckily, they got the chance to perform for Audiotree, and their 34-minute session is free to watch and can be purchased and downloaded as well. The songs they played, in order, are “Mountain House”, “Parallels”, “We Were Only Dreaming”, “Hold Still”, and “Young and Courageous”, all off of their 2014 album. Overall, the songs are portrayed quite beautifully live, they wax and wane smoothly, and all instrumentation is precise. The buildups lead to even higher highs, and it gives the songs an extra punch that you might not hear on the album itself. In between a couple of songs they talk to the band about their switch to post-rock, and what they’ve currently been listening to as well.

If you are a new listener to Tides of Man, this is a great introduction to their new sound, and you can buy their album here. Of course, you can always just purchase the session by itself. This session is a great example of how post-rock can be performed live, and how live performances can take songs to a new height. This should push people to more post-rock shows near them, whether they’re fans of the genre or not. I cannot recommend watching, or even just listening to it, enough. I’ve made my case, check out Tides of Man’s stellar performance on Audiotree.

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