This Patch of Sky – Time Destroys Everything, But Our Foundation Remains

A couple of days ago, The Creators Project premiered something special. This Patch of Sky released a whopping 8 minutes long animated video to their track ‘Time Destroys Everything, But Our Foundation Remains’. By no means did it feature new music, since the song already had a prominent spot on their album ‘S/T’, which was premiered right here on Arctic Drones in August of last year. The video on the other hand is so absolutely gorgeous that it’s definitely worth revisiting that particular patch of sky once more.

While they seem to transmit a clear ecological message, it’s probably better to leave the meaning behind the skillfully made visuals to everyone’s own interpretation. To me personally, it seems to tell us about the beauty and especially the danger in freedom. The art is beautifully done, the animations are smooth and intriguing and the discord between light and dark captivates anyone without effort. And did I catch a glimpse of the owl featured on their album art near the end of the video?

‘S/T’ is only 3 months away from its first anniversary, but the band keeps working on its promotion. This video is only one of the steps they’re taking. For the vinyl enthusiasts among you, they’re also working on a release of S/T on LP. The release date, however, seems to be quite uncertain. All the more reason to keep your eyes and ears on these gentlemen from Eugene, Oregon, USA.

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