Watch: Navelin – “Daydream”

Swedish/Irish indie pop band Navelin have released a video for “Daydream”, the second song from their debut EP Side One, released back in August. 

Animated by Michael Zauner in a quirky, appealing black and white style, the video follows a hapless, big nosed commuter on a trippy, cyclic daydream encompassing meteors, dark scary forests, giant lips, a spot of deep space relaxation and an awful lot of falling. Right about the time a pair of giant worms emerged from a castle in the sky and sprouted sun/moon masks I stopped worrying about trying to follow any kind of plot and just enjoyed the sugary, hypnotic visuals. Like the song, the video has a playful, lighter than air feel so that the refrain of “What’s your life all about?” doesn’t feel accusatory- it’s a gentle, winking nudge to stop dreaming and actually do something.  The imagery doesn’t closely follow the song lyrically but the constant sense of movement is definitely there and the music syncs up nicely in a few places, like the flashes of lighting on the chorus hook, and the outer space bit is the perfect accompaniment to the free-floating bridge. The band jamming out as black and white silhouettes works really well too.

Read our full review of Side One here.
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