Watch: Man Is Not A Bird – “D.I.P”

There are many genres to describe your band, but ‘Soundtrack of your mind’ is a new one to me. Luckily, the name fits for the shoegaze / post-rock outfit Man is not a Bird. This four-piece band from Paris, France have released “Dip”, the first single from their new album “Survived The Great Flood” which is due out sometime in March 2015. Man is not a Bird did a great feat, they released a stunning new song, which is accompanied by a video that is just as impressive.

“Dip” explores an expansive and colorful side of shoegaze, yet the video is shot in black and white. Maybe they wanted it that way because they wanted the song to stand out on its own, or maybe its because the light effects just work so well with the black and white backdrop. It could also be to drive the point home for the fuzz the guitar radiates, and trust me, these guitars do that as beautifully as possible. The song and video make for an enchanting performance that has to be watched from start to end.

Based on previous releases from Man is not a Bird, this album will be filled with a lot of genres, and this song was just a taste for what’s to come in March. I’m expecting this to be a strong debut from this band, and I will be highly anticipating it until it is released. If this band isn’t the soundtrack to your mind, you don’t have the best imagination. Don’t worry, this song and video will fix that.

You can find Man is not a Bird on Facebook, and you can listen to their previous material over on their Bandcamp. The pre-orders are expected to come out sometime in January.

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