Watch: Leprous – “The Price”

Norwegian progressive metal band Leprous return this year with their third album, titled “The Congregation”, released by InsideOutMusic. The trademark operatic aesthetic the band have offered on their previous releases is refined, polished and tweaked, and the new album is presented as a particularly attractive package, from all angles. From the striking album cover designed by French artist Nihil, to the many media their album can be purchased on, “The Congregation” has the makings of a true benchmark in terms of visual presentation, not to mention the quality of the music itself, which is simply fantastic.

Leprous’ new music video for the opening track “The Price” is an important part of this expanded aesthetic. Directed by David Solbjørg and Kjetil Kolbjørnsrud of Twitchy Films, the video is a disjointed masterpiece of pacing, a true lesson in how to reflect the music with powerful and simple imagery. The devil is always in the details, and this video’s attention to detail is the key to its effectiveness. Light is used expertly in this production, often alluding to classical painting techniques, in which every pore, every little hair on the dancer’s body is highlighted, instantly creating a feeling of tremendous intensity and suspense. As for the editing, the succession of the video’s segments complements the syncopated rhythm of the track without mirroring it exactly, which is wonderful.

Leprous’ new album “The Congregation” can be purchased in numerous formats from here, as well as from Amazon and on iTunes.

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