Watch: Gilmore Trail – “Memories of Redfern”

Gilmore Trail released a new song and video titled “Memories of Redfern” from their new album The Floating World, due out on May 18th via Chasmata Records.

It might be easy to pick apart a structure of a post-rock song from a simple listen. A slow start perhaps, then the gradual build-up, and finally, the release; the burst of energy and above all else, noise. However, it is easier said than done. The true beauty of the song is how the music approaches and climbs it’s way up to the climax, and of course, the climax itself. “Memories of Redfern” is a great example of how this simple concept can be turned into a work of art.

Gilmore Trail wastes no time to hook the listener in with the beginning piano melody which is both beautiful and melancholic. With whizzing guitars they’ve managed to create a lush, touching landscape before the song truly starts. The build-up is a journey in itself: the anticipation, wondering what’s coming next, waiting for it to all pay off. Gilmore Trail does everything they can to take you on this journey with finesse and grace. A lovely bass line is the foundation for pounding drums and vibrant guitars slowly fusing together. The crescendo is locked in a state of such allure, yet there is a subtle feeling of nostalgia and sadness that stems solely from the piano, and it gradually creeps up on you until it finally takes over. Then, the build-up is complete.

There is a pause, with sparse piano notes and nothing else. It’s a warning, telling you to get ready for what happens next. The release is awe-inspiring and a blur of feelings, the music is loud but clear and direct in nature. The guitars swirl and swoon, bringing the song a new touch with every chord. It is hard to describe how impactful the end is, the diffusion of all the momentum and energy at once is a different experience for every person. But, it is the fact that they have succeeded in providing both momentum and energy that really matters, and it is what makes this song such a satisfying listen.

“Memories of Redfern” is not only a song, but a new standard for the genre. Gilmore Trail dug deep into the meaning of music, and have pulled out a song that triumphs both on instrumentation and emotion. Each member pushed themselves to their maximum potential to create such a powerful song, and it is a great first single to their album. It is further accompanied by a great video that showcases the band’s performance and brings the song to life. The Floating World comes out on May 18th and can be pre-ordered here.

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