Watch: Delta Sleep – “Strongthany” Live Session

Math-rock has been an ever-growing genre in recent years, and is favored heavily for artists to gain footing in and explore the spectrum that it encompasses. 2015 is where math-rock flourished completely, in my opinion, as many albums this year seemed to head in this direction. These albums all brought a more mature, polished version of math-rock, while keeping it vibrant and fun like the genre suggests. Among these albums, Delta Sleep’s Twin Galaxies offers a dangerous twist of math-rock and alternative rock, and their weird yet familiar sound keeps me coming back to it for another taste.

Luckily, they released a live session for their song “Strongthany”, casting a light into their live performance. Getting an inside look into their stage presence is a big determinant if the band is as good as they are believed to be, and Delta Sleep pull this song off without a hitch. By the beginning, you’re already on your heels, struggling to catch up to the music, and this intensity is displayed remarkably. The vocalist has an amazing tone, playing smoothly on the floating melodies of the guitars, and the effervescent drums keep the song alive as the pounding heartbeat behind the track. We have a band that is completely in tune, playing off of each other to widen the depth of their songs.

“Strongthany” is an ode to the fun that is at the center of every creative outlet, and keeping that idea in spirit is why this song is a success. This music can only be accomplished by a group of friends that know how to enjoy themselves, and it’s this vicarious youth that can make a song so relaxed yet emotionally driven. It’s loud, mellow, and everything in between. It’s meant to be sung, blasting out of speakers at a volume just a little too high, enough to get a tiny buzz faintly screeching out. I consider Delta Sleep to be pioneers of a transformation of math-rock, bringing it to new heights since its inception, and their distinct sound on their ambitious debut album leaves me hungry for more.

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