Watch: Crisálida – “Morir Aquí”

Photo by Sebastian Dominguez

Chile is not a country that comes to mind when thinking about florid prog rock movements, yet Crisálida seem to be a strong beacon that lights the country’s coastline on the international scene. The band have recently posted an animated video for “Morir Aquí”, the lead single for their upcoming album “Terra Ancestral”.

The video shows a girl wondering through a town stricken by pollution, poverty and police brutality against ethnic minorities. Between these signs of a society bathing in depravity, our protagonist surrounds herself with memories of a childhood in the countryside and fantastic visions of Native American warriors. Having recently opened the show for Anathema in Santiago, Crisálida are really pressing forward to becoming Chile’s leading progressive rock act. “Morir Aquí” is a terrific song that shows off a band deserving of more recognition. With a strong chorus and excellent guitar solo, this song definitely makes the prospect of “Terra Ancestral” a very exciting one.

Crisálida’s fifth album, which was produced by Anathema drummer Daniel Cardoso, will be released somewhere in March or April. The band themselves aren’t entirely sure on the date, and I guess they’re looking for a label to aid them in releasing their album. In any case, Crisálida are very much a band that is to be watched for the coming months.

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