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Audiolepsia are an instrumental quartet from Barcelona, Spain. Their debut album Principio de Incertidumbre was released in December of 2013 and if you haven’t already listened to it, I can wholeheartedly recommend catching up with it. As it happens for instrumental music, it can often be well merged with a visual part, thus quite recently Audiolepsia have published a video for the song Estigma.

It starts by showing a rather peculiar and obscure room, illuminated by a pair of light bulbs, where the band members are performing. The scene is soon interrupted by a black and white image of a hand caressing a canvas, marking the beginning of a story woven into the music played by the band. As the peaceful intro continues, we can observe a woman slowly splitting the canvas by tearing it with her bare hands. With the music shifting into a more lively pace, the view is replaced by the woman sitting in a rather lethargic state, playing with a knife indifferently.

At first it might seem as if the story was detached from the image of the band, but if you look closely, you can notice that at the beginning of the song the artists stand very still, yet as the build-up continues, they start to perform in a very dynamic and expressive manner, swaying just as the light bulbs hanging from the ceiling of their narrow room and keep reflecting the mood throughout the entire video. Meanwhile the story continues as, after a few surreal scenes, the girl hastily grabs a suitcase and escapes a house barefooted, possibly through a window, only to dive underwater a few seconds later. The next picture seems rather detached; it shows a child playing in a colorful pile of leaves, but perhaps it could be interpreted as a flashback, thus the play with colours synchronized with slow and melancholic guitar passages. Soon after the pace is once again picked up and the main story returns in black and white with the woman running back towards the house, followed upstairs by someone. We then see blood covered scissors at the apex of the song and the video winds down with her submerging herself in a bathtub.

Audiolepsia say themselves that the plot of the video might be linked to gender violence, a story of an escape, memories or inner turbulence, or perhaps to all of the above. The interpretation seems to be open, so it is best to experience the already emotional song in combination with these suggestive images or, perhaps, seek more context in other songs from their debut album, which, even without images to back them up, are a joy to listen to. I can also suggest watching some of the scenes frame by frame to fully appreciate the extent to which they are changing dynamically.

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