Math rock


Polymath – Reptiles

There are times when life, work or love can incite a special kind of hunger, something savage and structured at the same time, a…


Monobody – Monobody

What does math rock do when it grows up? Most bands choose to refine and decelerate their sound, calming the caffeine-infused jitters of conventional…


Pauwels – Elina

Let me tell you; with this EP, Pauwels are not just another band that bring their soul baby to the dissection table. “Elina” is…


Falcon Arrow – Tower

There’s always a worry in the back of my mind when a band comes about that consists of only a drummer and a bassist….


Band Review: Kusanagi

Post-rock and neighbouring genres, usually instrumental, are, more often than not, being accused of seeming sad and melancholic. Since I personally don’t agree with…


Waking Aida – Eschaton

Ever wanted to do something silly with your childhood friends? Climb a tree in the backyard, spend whole day laying on the grass watching…