Spotlight: Echodrone

It’s funny how the Internet has changed the world of music production, consumption and distribution. “Five was created entirely through the magic of file…


Vessels – Dilate

Leeds-based quintet Vessels are known for fantastic live performances, the quality of which I can personally attest to, and a profound affinity for experimentation,…


Platonick Dive – Overflow

Ever since the post-rock movement came off age, bands are happy in combining influences of electronic and ambient music with their own trade. Today,…


Metavari – Moonless

Using electronics as a medium for music is rapidly growing, with almost non-stop advancement of different branches and genres. While it is not an…


Monophona – Black on Black

Monophona are a trip-hop group with an interesting origin story. Initially starting out as a duo, the founding members had remarkably different musical backgrounds….