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Wolfredt is a solo project by Margus Voolpriit, former drummer of Estonian shoegazers Pia Fraus. “Neverno,” released on January 20th, takes the airy instrumentals and electronic beats of debut “Lullabies to Vilhelmine” and shapes them into something slightly more gloomy and industrial, all the while making the subtle transition from solo-artist purism to a more organic live-band context. The result is like walking through a city park on a sunny day, looking to the sky while bound to and surrounded by the machinations of urban life, yet still happy with finding a bit of nature in an unlikely place.



Tallinn, Estonia                                                                     




Wolfredt is Voolpriit’s solo project, and he plays all the instruments on the record. The live band is:
Margus Voolpriit – Guitar
Andres Soosaar – Guitar
Pertti Johanson -Bass
Tõnu Poopuu – Drums


Wolfredt’s storytelling composition leads the listener through dreamy ballads to repetitive patterns of guitar chaos and all the way back and forth again. Safe and easy listening alternates with rather coarse dynamic expressions.


“Music for non-existing films” Postimees
“Uncommon vitality, massive beautiful noise and fragile touching ballads” ERR
“A doom-filled monster” Sounds Better With Reverb   


Not too many… yet. Shared the festival with Sigur Ros though 🙂


Neverno, January 2016, Seksound
Lullabies to Vilhelmine”, April 2013, Seksound

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First of all, congratulations on the new album, it sounds fantastic. Anything you’d like to share about the making of “Neverno”?

On my first album “Lullabies to Vilhelmine” I deliberately avoided drums, although I am mostly known as a drummer. I was trying to do something electronic with a taste of guitars. “Neverno” is kinda going back to the roots, so to speak. More guitars, more drums, the result is very post-rockish. It surprised me and I’m very happy with it.

How did you come up with the name for your project?

Very simple actually. Back in the early 1900´s lots of Estonian families had German names, so Wolfredt was my family´s name until there was a campaign to translate the names to Estonian in 1920´s. Someone decided that Wolfredt doesn’t translate that well and they just changed it to Voolpriit.

What and who were your musical influences growing up? And how about today?

Growing up I went through all the logical phases of the kids in 80s, rap, metal etc. Then came the shoegaze and I was sold. I was not into post rock until a few years ago, when I saw Mono on a festival here in Estonia. Today I’m discovering the Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy You and the other gems of the genre.

What does the future hold in store for you? Any upcoming tour plans?

At the moment we are trying to promote the album as much as we can, so we are looking for gigs and events. No tour plans as such.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

For now I’m just enjoying playing with the band. They add so much to my music that I’m thinking of turning Wolfredt into a real writing-songs-together-in-rehearsals-band with these guys 🙂

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