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London-based six-piece is a band we’ve had our eyes on for quite a while. With the release of their sophomore album “Appearances of Collections” back in August, a follow up to 2012 debut “The Narrow State”, Rumour Cubes have upped their game massively in terms of songwriting and instrumentation.

The band took some time to speak with us to introduce their music to our readers, and tell a bit more about themselves. Check below.



(Words by the band) “Rumour Cubes is an exercise in squishing the ambitions, ideas and opinions of six very different people into one sound. As a result, the band functions as a kind of messy democracy, with everyone bleeding into the final result. 

The band started in 2009 as a bit of an adventure, an attempt to try something new . And that is still pretty much the guiding principle. It has become a vehicle for us to explore our musical ideas with and see how much of a buzz we can get out of playing live.

The “voice” of the band is the violin and viola, which is framed through rhythm, atmospherics, electronic sounds and lots of drones! Rumour Cubes runs on tea and haribo during the day, and on cider and ale at night. We also spend a large amount of time blaming everything on the Tories, and own an unfeasibly large collection of cat-adorned clothing.”


London, United Kingdom




Joe Bartlett – Bass
Jay Malhotra – Guitar, Piano, Electronics
Hannah Morgan – Violin, Vocals
Terry Murphy – Viola, Glockenspiel
Omar Rahwangi – Drums, Percussion
Adam Stark – Guitar, Piano, Electronics, Vocals


Appearances of Collections is a far-reaching and fearless work, a dizzying instrumental adventure whose orchestral origins are given form and flight by the addition of traditional pop/rock instrumentation and the subtlest electronica.” The Skinny
“Rumour Cubes stand out due to their dexterity, their ability to blur the lines of genre and venture into territory that other bands of this ilk wouldn’t so much as acknowledge.” The 405
“Rumour Cubes have the skill and, more importantly, the heart that many of their contemporaries do not.” Drowned in Sound


Omar: We have shared the stage with so many great bands over the years, just in London alone we have played with Alpha Male Tea Party,  Alright the Captain, Flies are Spies from Hell, Leah Kardos, and Overhead The Albatross to name a few !

Last year we were lucky enough to play at Glastonbury, Southend and Truck festivals alongside Sam Duckworth (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly). The set at Glastonbury was a live mixtape which also included Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Jehst, Riz MC, Grace Petrie, Kate Nash & Billy Bragg, and it was the headline act on the Leftfield Stage on Sunday.

And this year we played the awesome ArcTanGent festival alongside Cleft, Monsters Build Mean Robots, Three Trapped Tigers and headliners Mono.

Adam: We also supported Bardo Pond in London, which was one of my favourite gigs we’ve done.

Hannah: MONO. We’ve shared a stage with fucking MONO! I owe ArcTanGent my first born child for that little bit of wonderousness.


Appearances of Collections (2014)
1871 (2012)
The Narrow State (2012)
We Have Sound Houses Also (2010)

Website Bandcamp Soundcloud Facebook Twitter

The name comes from…

Adam: It was literally the only thing we could agree on after months of throwing ideas around. We wanted a name that didn’t need to be spelt out when spoken (I used to be in a band called ‘Psyren’) and also one you could find when you google it (I used to be in a band called ‘Milk’).

Omar: It is the result of six opinionated people thinking very, very hard about something to no avail. We then threw some ideas out together spontaneously and after a quick vote we were Rumour Cubes.

Hannah: Some of the suggestions we came up with were absolutely terrible, to be fair! It took about 6 months I think, and there was certainly the temptation to just settle on something and get it over with, but we persevered. One of the problems with the internet is that at the push of a button you can instantly see whether any band anywhere in the world exists, or has ever existed, with the same name. Which rules out an awful lot of possibilities!  

Can you pick a few key artists or albums that have inspired or influenced you in some way?

Adam: Everyone in the band would give a different answer to this question! For me, in the last couple of years, A Winged Victory For The Sullen and Nils Frahm have been the things that really blew my mind. But in the long view I grew up on a diet of lyricists (Tom Waits, Bob Dylan), noisy stuff (Sonic Youth/Slint/My Bloody Valentine), gloomy pop (Radiohead/Smashing Pumpkins), post-rockers (Mogwai/GYBE!) and instrumentalists (Arvo Pärt, Steve Reich). And of course, don’t forget The Beatles!

Omar : For me the big influences that I think come out with Rumour Cubes are Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Led Zepplin , Deftones and Cypress Hill. There’s lots of music that has worked its way into my subconscious and lent influence but those bands are the first that spring to mind.

Hannah: On the classical side, I think Vaughan-Williams and Debussy are the two main composers I’d cite. I’ve always loved the late-romantic / early-impressionist era for its expansive, climactic writing. A few of the band are very into their minimalist composers, though, which is about as diametrically opposed as you can get!

Future Rumour Cubes plans?

Adam: Bringing `Appearances of Collections’ into the world was quite a big task for everyone in the band! But we’re already hard at work putting together a UK tour for early 2015. Itching to get writing again too.

Hannah: Speaking personally, I’d love to go further with visuals. We have some fantastic videos for some of our earlier songs, and we’re actively looking to get some great videos made for Appearances of Collections, but given unlimited time & a reasonable budget we’d absolutely love to do something truly amazing with our live show. Light-up cubes, sound-responsive lighting, that sort of thing. We’ve even talked about filming some footage in 3D and giving people glasses when they arrive at a gig. If we had nothing else in the world to focus on, I think we’d probably be spending a lot of time on putting together a live show that was really something special.

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