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Having heard Psychic Lemon I could not just let this band slip by. How much musical bliss they bring is hard to describe – for anyone liking anything remotely close to psychedelic or progressive flavoured rock, this release should be a treat. As far as debuts are concerned, they really did set the bar high for any follow-ups. It is no surprise that they have attracted a wide array of extremely positive press reviews, and so we join the chorus by welcoming Psychic Lemon to our Spotlight section.



Cambridge, United Kingdom      


Independent, but releasing their music on vinyl this summer through Drone Rock Records.


Andy Briston – Guitar (air, water), vocals, keyboard, loops
Andy Hibberd – Bass
George Horler – Guitar (fire, earth), vocals
Martin Law – Drums


Psychic Lemon reside in Cambridge, UK, and make music that is a blend of psych, krautrock, funk and prog, and is best described in one word: Krautfunk.


“A space adventure, a psychedelic, funkadelic, groovy trip.”
-The Wicked Lady

“An album fit for the title of most stupendous psych release so far this year.”
-Echoes and Dust

“For anyone into krautrock, or anything psychedelic, Psychic Lemon is a must buy.”
-The Shrieks From Below

“The final track ‘Horizon’ is more than ten minutes of many of the elements from the rest of the album, woven into a widescreen psychedelic spectacular.” 
-Cambridge Music Reviews


Psychic Lemon , March 2016

Website Bandcamp Soundcloud Youtube Facebook Twitter  
Photo by Austin Whiteside
Photo by Austin Whiteside

Congratulations on the new album. Anything you’d like to share about the making of the self-titled record?

Thank you. The album was recorded and produced in the Psychic Studio by our guitarist Andy Briston. We see it as a record of the band’s first steps, and a great way to close this first chapter.

How did you guys come up with the band name?

We spent a long, long time trying to come up with a suitable name. After many months of getting nowhere, our bassist, Andy Hibberd, said that “We might as well just call ourselves Psychic Lemon”. And then we did.

What and who were your musical influences growing up? And how about today?

Andy B: Growing up: Joy Division, The Fall, Hawkwind. These days: Orchestre Poly-Rythmo, Can, Eternal Tapestry

Andy H: Then and now: Talking Heads, punk, a little bit of jazz and a whole lot of funk.

George: Growing up: Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols, The Who. These days: LCD Soundsystem, Black Keys, The Flaming Lips.

Martin: Growing up: Mostly rock — Queen, Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica. These days: Dancing music — Kraftwerk, Talking Heads.

What does the future hold in store for you? 

Drone Rock Records is releasing our album on vinyl this summer, which will be available in both yellow vinyl and a very special “lemon splatter” edition.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Just a thank you to everyone who listens to new music, especially the bloggers and other reviewers who give up their free time to give bands like us a chance. And thank you Arctic Drones for featuring us, and giving our music a platform.

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