Spotlight: Lo’ There Do I See My Brother

Lo’ There Do I See My Brother, a progressive/post-rock band based out of Tacoma, Washington, released a stellar new album, “Northern Shore”, on January 16, 2015.

Here we get to know more about their history, their music and the new record.



Tacoma, Washington, United States                                

Adam Wolbert – Vocals/Guitar
Ahren Lanfor – Bass Guitar
Caleb Baker – Guitar/Vocals
Tor Caspersen – Guitar/Synth/Vocal
Will Chi – Drums

Lo’ There was formed in November of 2011 in Tacoma Washington by Adam Wolbert and Caleb Baker as an outlet for expressing a more melodic and progressive take on 90’s styled alternative rock. Very soon afterwards, Ahren Lanfor was asked to play bass, and Will Chi joined on drums at the departure of their original drummer. Most recently, Torbjorn Caspersen has joined to round out LTDISMB’s sound on third guitar and synth.

Lo’ There’s musical stylings are varied, drawing from their Pacific Northwest forefathers, they have crafted an expansive, melodic, and heavy take on the Alternative grunge that was such an influential part of their musical upbringing. Their music is meant to help the listener feel the sense that we are part of a collective whole, and that we as singular people, are such a small part to a vast universe.


“The record is in constant motion, sliding between the tender strummings of “Twenty Three”, the organic instrumental echoes of “Ephemeris”, and the gripping heat of “Caught In The Shallows: Part Two”. Wolbert, Lanfor, and guitarists Baker and Caspersen deftly deliver heavy, self-reflective lyrics with vivid nature scenes and vast soundscapes.”


Between The Buried and Me, Balance and Composure, Title Fight, Whirr, Fall of Troy, La Dispute, The Contortionist, He Whose Ox is Gored, Set and Setting, Sainthood Reps


Northern Shore, January 2015
Of The Earth, Beneath The Sea, October 2013
With Eyes Open, We Fall On Our Swords, November 2012

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First of all, congratulations on the new album, it sounds fantastic. It must be a pretty exciting time for you at the moment?

Thank you! We are happy to finally release Northern Shore, been a long time coming. This has already been our busiest year as a band and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon, so we are definitely looking forward to what’s to come.

How did you guys come up with the name Lo’ There Do I See My Brother?

It is a stanza from a viking warrior prayer that was said before going into battle. It’s also in a scene from 13th warrior, so a lot of people just think we love the movie 13th warrior haha.

"Where there is an abundance of any mainstream music, there will be a rejection of those movements as well."
“Where there is an abundance of any mainstream music, there will be a rejection of those movements as well.”

What and who were your musical influences growing up? And how about today?

We were all really influenced by the music community that was taking place in the Seattle/Tacoma area around the turn of the century, Ahren is from the east coast and he was influenced by the music that was happening locally over there as well. In our younger, more rebellious days, we were very much drawn to alternative music culture; especially the local, independent iteration of that. There was and is great talent in our communities that goes more or less unknown due to not being “marketable,” or what have you. Where there is an abundance of any “mainstream” music, there will be a rejection of those movements as well. These counter-cultures were always appealing to us, as it can be to many music fans who feel like outsiders. Our music is a response to exactly that. If you don’t like what’s out there on the radio or on the internet, there should be another option. We hope to be that alternative option to anyone who will have us.

What does the future hold in store for you? Any upcoming tour plans?

In preparation for Northern Shore, we began taking steps toward treating this band as a career. Playing music full time has been a major life goal for all of us, and probably the biggest step we’ve taken recently was forming a professional relationship with our friends at 2 Doors Management. There are so many parts of this band outside of the creative process that take a lot of time and effort to achieve. (Booking, music distribution, marketing, social media, and financial management to name a few.) Working with 2 Doors has given us the opportunity to really dial in all of those things mentioned previously, and to make our vision of the end result a reality. What this means to all our friends and fans is, that we will be touring a lot more often, and in many new cities and states (and hopefully countries!) that the band hasn’t been to before. More new music, more videos, more shows, more Lo’ There.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

While we are working closely with our friends at 2 Door Management now, we are still currently an independent band. Lo’ There has been a DIY effort from day one; booking all our own shows, recording and mixing all our own recordings, and trying our hardest to personally engage anyone who wants to spend their time listening to our music or coming to one of our concerts. So much of what we have done to this date has relied on working with friends, the give-and-take of local DIY music, and through supporting/being supported by the underdogs. Part of what makes touring so great, is traveling to new places and meeting new people. We would encourage anyone who wants to talk to us to not be a stranger! We love talking about records, bands, culture, and holy hell can we talk about music gear. Seriously, try getting into a debate with Caleb about guitar pedals or amps. The conversation may never end.

You can order your copy of ‘Northern Shore’ at:
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