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Logic Defies Logic make party music. It’s the kind of upbeat metal that inspires you to grab a beer and dance, but strong elements of funk and prog takes recent full-length Magic & Science to a whole new level.

The Melbourne based Kiwis have produced an exceptional example of genre melding, with seamless transitions between big riffs, smooth grooves and catchy melodies. Sighting influences like Faith No More, Primus, Dream Theatre, Pantera and Van Halen goes further to describe their unique sound than I ever could with words.

Magic & Science is impressive to say the least; instrumentation is creative, musicianship is off the charts, and it sounds like a band at the top of their game.

Fresh off a New Zealand/Australia tour, guitarist Ollie Wright lays down the facts and truths about the band and their new album.




Dizzying madcap metal washed down with funk, prog and all things glorious. A band not lacking one single iota of musical integrity, LOGIC DEFIES LOGIC are a force of nature. A sonic anomaly. The perfect storm of magic and science.

Tarquin Keys – Vocals
Ollie Wright – Guitar
Matthew Hewlett – Bass
Dominic Ryan – Drums
Melbourne, Australia
Anatomical Design EP, 2014, Independent
Magic & Science, 2017, Independent

“…more hooks than a tackle-box!”
– Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz

“…from the cover to the inlay to the pull out insert to the music itself, (Magic & Science) screams mastery, perfectionism and quality.”

“…there’s some mighty fine groovin’ on this record…its’ like Supergroove and Incubus had a prog baby.”
– Chris Maric/Maric Media

Between the Buried and Me (US)
Animals as Leaders (US)
Rival Sons (US)
Devilskin (NZ)
Head Like A Hole (NZ)


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Congratulations on Magic & Science!, it sounds amazing. Can you share some insight into how the album was made?

Cheers man, glad you are digging it! We went into the studio with a definite plan, we had played the songs live a lot so we knew the kind of energy we wanted to capture on tape. The drums were done at Wick Studios (Melbourne) and guitars, bass and vocals were recorded at our home base, Backline Studios with (guitarist) Ollie in the producer chair for the whole process. A mate of ours suggested Shawn Sullivan (World Class Audio, California) for mixing and he was available so we basically mixed it via emails back and forward, an interesting process but it came out great. The final touch was provided by the master masterer himself, Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz here in Melbourne.

You’ve also just toured NZ and Australia, how has it been?

The tour was great man, really couldn’t have gone much better! The highlight was definitely the homecoming show in Hamilton, so much energy and love in the room, packed front to back and sweaty as a crack ha ha! The Australian gigs were a step in the right direction, it’s obviously a huge market and we are just starting out but every time we play we put 101% into it and I think the crowd gets that.

Who are some of the musicians and bands that have influenced LDL and Magic & Science?

We all come from pretty similar backgrounds musically. Obviously LDL is not your typical genre band because we love all sorts of music…funk, soul, rock, metal…it’s all in there. The album is basically a reflection of that melting pot of tastes, we simply wouldn’t be happy churning out down-tuned riffs and screaming for a whole album…it’s boring and doesn’t get the hair standing up y’know? Not for us anyway. Give us a hearty riff, a solid groove and a sweet melody any day.

With such diverse arrangements, how do you approach writing and constructing a song?

Usually someone will come in with a riff, we will jam on it then lay down a bare bones demo. From there it will either grow or die depending on the strength of the idea. We are pretty lucky that most stuff is pretty usable and there aren’t many riffs “left on the floor” so to speak. Ollie, Dom and Matt usually lock themselves in a room for a good amount of time until its humming, Tarquin gets involved pretty early on with vocal melodies and the lyrics are the last thing to come along once the song is 95% arranged.

You guys started out as an instrumental group, was it always the plan to include lead vocals at some point? How did you find the right singer with Tarquin Keys?

He found us and wouldn’t go away ha ha! We had done a gig (as an instrumental group) with his old band years ago and he said that the moment he saw he us play he told his drummer at the time “I’m gonna sing for them“ ha ha. Fast forward a couple of years to Soundwave 2014, we caught up over a few brews and tee’d up a jam…I think from the first jam we all knew it was on like Kong and that we were ready to start the next phase of Logic.

The newer songs are obviously written knowing vocals will be added but even back when we were an instrumental group, the songs were wide open for vocals…we showed that when we re-recorded the instrumental Anatomical Design EP, the vocals fit in like they were always there and have become live favourites.

Now that the album is out and the tour is done, what’s next?

Straight back to doing what we love man, playing live and making music! We have a few potential support slots we are lining up and of course we will be playing around Melbourne and Australia as much as we can, promoting Magic & Science. We are really proud of this album; it’s packed full of our blood, sweat and beers so we want to share it with as many people as possible.

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