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Gates, one of those bands that we think should be on your radar if they aren’t already, have a new LP, ‘Bloom & Breathe’, coming out on October 21st via Pure Noise Records. We got together with band member Dan Crapanzano (drums) to bring you a taste of their music and some of the info you may want to know about the band.



New Brunswick, NJ, United States


Mike Maroney – Bass          Ethan Koozer – Guitar          Kevin Dye – Guitar/Vocals
Dan King – Guitar                  Dan Crapanzano – Drums


We are a five-piece rock band that draws influence from each members eclectic musical background to create a sound that ebbs and flows like our everyday life experiences.


“What’s immediately striking is that the New Brunswick quintet achieve a unification of sound and spirit, realizing that music this vast and skyward is meant to encompass questions and aspirations every bit as big.” Pitchfork
“…the sheer emotion of this euphoric, post-rock-tinged journey is more exposed than ever, with climactic opener ‘They See Only Shadows’ a school in thought-provoking, heartstring-pulling rock.”
Rocksound Magazine
“As a full length debut, it’s tough to come out as strong as this. But Gates have come out swinging, and the result of this is sublime. Ever emotive, ever engrossing, Gates are the gift that keep on giving.”
Glasswerk Magazine


The Gaslight Anthem, Rival Schools, Pianos Become the Teeth, Brick + Mortar, Moving Mountains, Gifts from Enola, Prawn, Vasudeva, Frameworks, Foxing, The Soil & The Sun, Pentimento, Have Mercy, Samiam, and many more. Check out here for an updated list of every show we’ve ever played.


The Sun Will Rise and Lead Me Home – Self Released, January 25, 2011
You Are All You Have Left To Fear – Pure Noise, October 22, 2013
Bloom and Breathe – Pure Noise, October 21, 2014

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How did you guys come up with the band name?
Dan K. and Mike came up with it after listening to an As Cities Burn B-side with the same name. The name in all lowercase also proved to work out great from a designers perspective.

Can you pick a few key artists or albums that have inspired or influenced you in some way?
(Dan C): John Bonham influences me by way of dynamic drumming. I really just love any band with a solid rhythm section. My bassist and I have a strong musical bond that is pretty necessary with the melody-driven songs our band creates. We’re there to hold it together. You need to be on the same page as your bassist in a band like ours or else you start writing drum parts like Neil Peart, trying to make sense of the three different guitar parts going on at the same time. It’s not pretty.

What are you listening to right now or do you have a go-to album or band?
(Dan C): Frameworks, who just put out a great LP called ‘Loom’ for fans of screaming music. Prawn came out with a great indie/emo record called ‘Kingfisher’. I’ve been listening to the new album ‘Meridian’ by The Soil & The Sun. We had the chance to play a few shows with these guys and I’ve been listening on repeat trying to pick out certain parts I did not catch at the shows. I like to do that with bands we play with, I feel like it makes me more excited to play with them again and realize those parts I may have missed previously.

Also listening to Tycho, Lymbyc System, Up Up Down Down Left Right B A Start, Appleseed Cast, Hop Along, Suns, Wedding Dress, Mogwai, Sharon Van Etten, Laura Stevenson… To name a few.

Future Gates plans?
Tour extensively in 2015 and continue to create music and products we’re proud of.

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