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Fourteen Nights at Sea released Minor Light in late 2015, and ironically, stole the spotlight from many other post-rock albums released last year. Though this is not their first rodeo, the Melbourne quintet reinvented their sound in a much darker, harsher approach to their music. The album glows by doing the opposite – trudging through layers of bruiting sounds and heavy, enveloping atmospheres it acts as catharsis to help release the things we keep hidden and unlit. Fourteen Nights at Sea have sparked the interest of many listeners locally and globally, and have recently just ended an Australian tour supporting Mono.



Melbourne, Australia                                                


Hobbledehoy Records


Liam – Drums, Ryan – Bass, Jason – Keys, Lara – Guitar, Jake – Guitar.


We’re a post rock band. I know some people hate that term, but it is what it is. We generally play at quite a slow tempo and focused more on drone and noise on Minor Light, while still keeping the song structures there.


“These songs are epic, imbued with such emotional weight that the only words that do justice come from the language of landscape and natural disaster.” -Matthew Tomich,

“When the band hits full stride the recording translates the heft of the live experience, and when they’re wallowing in the more murky, introspective moments the sound is appropriately thick and enveloping.” -Cameron Smith, 4ZZZ

“Fourteen Nights At Sea are aware that true heaviness comes not from giant riffs or pounding rhythms, but from the art of restraint.” -Rod Yates,  Rolling Stone

“FNAS exact an emotional catharsis with almost paternal care. This allows your mind wander wherever it takes you. It’s a journey well worth embarking on, intricate in detail and elaborate in the musique concrete, chamber music manner.” 
-Bronius Zumeris, Beat Magazine


We’ve had a lot of luck in supporting some great bands in the last couple of years, including This Will Destroy You, Mono, Russian Circles, Pelican and Om.  The highlight was probably playing at the first Dark Mofo festival in Hobart though – playing in a converted wharf shed in the middle of winter with the likes of Boris, Mono, The Drones etc.  

Minor Light, November 2015
Great North, April 2013
Untitled LP, July 2011
Isola EP, October 2008
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spotlight- fourteen nights at sea

Congratulations on your new album “Minor Light”! Anything you’d like to share about the making of this record?

Even though Minor Light came out in November 2015, it was actually recorded in August 2014 and it took a long time for us to finish it and get it out.  We spent time working with the record to get it to a point that we were all happy with.  By the time it was finished, I found it very difficult to assess the overall result because I’d listened to it so many times in the recording, mixing and mastering process.  It’s been well received though, so the effort we put in was well worth it. 

The sound we were after on this record was a lot more ambient/drone focused.  I remember having a lot of conversations with Neil Thomason (engineer – Head Gap studios) about making the guitars sound less like guitars and more like strings or synths.  The overall impact this had on the record is a more ambient and drone related sound. 

How did you guys come up with the band name?

The name Fourteen Nights At Sea was a song name that I used for an early demo when I was writing by myself.  Once we filled out the lineup, we needed a name and it seemed to fit quite well.

What and who were your musical influences growing up? And how about today?

Musical influences growing up were quite broad, but definitely went through the obligatory metal phase early, and then started to broaden my interest from there.  These days, I draw from quite broad musical influences and like finding new material as often as possible.  I particularly draw influence from artists like The Field, Loscil and Tim Hecker that approach composition much differently than I do.

What does the future hold in store for you? Any upcoming tour plans?

We’re planning our run of shows for 2016 at the moment, but we only really play once a month or so.  We’re going to be working on another release as well and have also just made available for download a live recording (via Bandcamp) from one of the shows we recently played with Mono.  I think we’ll also do a lot of writing this year.

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