Spotlight: Dalot

Photo by Mackenzie Greer

This week our spotlight shines on Dalot, a project by Greek-born composer, multi-instrumentalist, and electronic music producer Maria Papadomanolaki. Get to know a little more about her and check out her music below.



London, UK


Maria Papadomanolaki | laptop, guitar, Zoom H4n recorder, other instruments.


I started this project circa 2004. I find inspiration in a variety of genres, namely abstract guitar-based music, shoegaze, minimal electronica, ambient and experimental electronic music. However, through Dalot I try to sculpt a new and ever-evolving sonic language where all the above merge and form a delicate personal territory. Most importantly, I don’t want to ‘brand’ myself and what I do in a particular way but on the contrary I prefer to pursue an open and exploratory path across the musical, technological and aesthetic fields I engage with.


“Genre-defying Loop Over Latitudes may be, but it’s also compelling enough to hold one’s attention for the bulk of its forty-five-minute run.”

“The sound seizes the listener with its strong, persuading hold, and carries him forward in a dreamy celestial cocoon.”
Headphone Commute

“Spacious, ethereal, heavenly music with heavenly voices.”
Vital Weekly

“Emotional, delicate and haunting at the same time.”


Robert Henke, Bvdub, port-royal, Absent Without Leave, Winterlight, Crisopa, Gavin Miller (Worriedaboutsatan, Ghosting Season), Manekinekod, Dergar


Flight Sessions EP, 2009
Loop Over Latitudes, 2010
Minutestatic, 2011
Haikus 23, 2012
Ancestors EP, 2013

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Photo by Mackenzie Greer
Photo by Mackenzie Greer

The name comes from…
The French word dalot. The equivalent in English would be scupper or gutter.
In 2004 while looking for a name for my newly then created account on myspace, I found my inspiration in a French dictionary that was lying in front of me. Dalot was the first word my eye and ear stumbled upon.

What are you listening to right now or do you have a go-to album or band?
Currently listening to the new releases by Bvdub and Near The Parenthesis on n5MD and by Christopher Willits on Ghostly.

Future Dalot plans?
A new Dalot track is featured in an upcoming double vinyl compilation. I really enjoyed my split release with Gavin Miller on This Is It Forever Records last September and I would like to do a couple more. There are some discussions with fellow artists but no confirmed plans yet. I have also been drafting ideas for a new full-length album and my next hand-made birthday release.

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