Spotlight: Csarnogurszky István

To say that Csarnogurszky István is hyperproductive would be an understatement. Since he started composing music in 2014, he has released 10 albums and 9 EPs (not counting the singles!) with 4 different projects: musicformessier, Black Hill, Silent Island and White Cube. Aside from this astonishing amount of music, every release exposes a new aspect of Csarnogurszky István: subtle melodies and a great sense of composition. In 2016, Musicformessier’s Timelessness, Black Hill’s Rivers & Shores and Silent Island’s Equator were all among my favorite albums of the year. After giving a couple of spins to his 2 new records of 2017, Silent Island’s Fall of Oceans And musicformessier’s Constellations 1, it was clear I was looking at a truly unique and spectacular artist who needed more exposure.


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Csarnogurszky István is a 38-year-old self-taught guitarist from Hungary. He formed four musical projects: musicformessier, Black Hill, Silent Island and White Cube, to present his enthusiasm and passion of easygoing yet demanding guitar music and ambient/post-rock. He truly believes each project has its own world, but also that all of them unite within one universe.


Constellations I., 2017
Timelessness (with Dan Caine), 2016
The Pleiades, 2015
The Forgotten Remix EP, 2015
Nodula Remix EP (with Us As Effigies), 2015
Leaving the I.S.S. (with Cousin Silas), 2014
Saturnitical Mercurism, 2014
Dreaming the I.S.S. EP (musicformessier & Cousin Silas), 2014
Andromeda EP, 2013

Black Hill
Lost Rivers EP, 2017
Rivers & Shores (Black Hill & heklAa), 2016
On a Deserted Path (Black Hill & Scott Snee), 2016
Bridges of the South (Black Hill & Cousin Silas), 2015
Black Turns Grey (Black Hill & Eensdenkend), 2014

Silent Island
Fall of Oceans, 2017
Re-quator EP, 2017
Equator, 2016

White Cube
Labyrinth, 2017
Weird Spheres EP, 2016


musicformessier Bc musicformessier Fb Black Hill Bc Black Hill Fb Silent Island Bc Silent Island Fb White Cube Bc White Cube Fb  


How did you get into music and what were your first bands and influences?

I started playing guitar at the age of 15. I was really a Metallica, Machine Head and Nirvana fan back then. I tried playing their songs, but I’ve never had a band outside of playing with a few friends from time to time in the garage. At the age of 20, I stopped playing the guitar completely, and didn’t pick it up until I was 33 when I received an amp from a friend.

We are barely 4 months into 2017 and you already put out two albums and 3 EPs. How do you proceed to compose, record and release so much music in such short periods of time?

The songs of this year’s releases were made last summer and autumn. On average, there are at least three to four months between creating music and releasing an album (composing, mastering, artwork etc.) Creating music is one of the most enjoyable activities for me, and I can write 10 to 12 songs a month. The more complex songs require roughly 6-7 hours from the first sound to the ultimate guitar mix, while the more simple guitar songs are made in a very short period of time.

How do you manage the different projects? Do you compose for one project at a time, or do you just compose and play music, and then figure out which project it fits best?

When I pick up the guitar, I’m trying to decide which project I want to write for and then choose the guitar and approach. If I want to make a Silent Island song, I’ll always put some drum loops into the software and try to find the starting theme with the drums. For Black Hill songs I always strive for simplicity, and for musicformessier, I prefer a big reverb and a lot of delay. Finally, the more interesting, slightly surrealistic songs are released with the White Cube alias.

What are your influences and what do you listen to today?

I’m listening to a lot of different types of music (ambient, guitar music, post-metal, etc.) that certainly have an impact on me, but the effects appear indirectly in my music. I have a big and always expanding album collection on Bandcamp, so there is always something to sort out, depending on my mood. I especially like the works of Dan Caine, Release the Long Ship, The Eagle Stone Collective, In the branches, Ranges, Cousin Silas and M.Persson: Sounds. My recent favourites are the new stuff of George Will, Alderaan, Antethic, Ayden and Astralia. Let me mention that it is very important for me to support others; I often purchase digital albums and I’d like to ask everyone to do the same as it means a lot to the performers.

Do you have any plans for other releases in 2017 besides Constellations 2?

I have many songs and a lot of plans. My next release will be a new Black Hill & Cousin Silas split album in May. This autumn, next to the musicformessier album, a new White Cube EP is expected and maybe Silent Island material will also be available. And who knows, maybe another Black Hill album will fit this year.

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