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Photo by Cláudia Andrade

Our latest ‘Band of the Week’ on Arctic Drones is Catacombe from Porto, Portugal. Read on to get to know them better and if you haven’t heard of them before, make sure to give them a listen at the links below.

Porto, Portugal

Pedro Sobast – Guitar
Filipe Ferreira – Guitar
Gil Cerqueira – Bass
Pedro Melo Alves – Drums, Percussion, Piano

“Going back to mid 2007 in Vale de Cambra, Catacombe was born by the hand of Pedro Sobast with the first songs of “Memoirs”, an EP recorded at home and self released in 2008.

The first lineup, featuring Pedro along with some friends, toured for “Memoirs” and recorded “Kinetic” in 2010, then the band signed with the Russian label Slow Burn Records for a CD release worldwide.

Deep lineup changes took place in 2011 with the arrival of a new drummer, new bassist and guitar player! With this new lineup, the band toured for “Kinetic” and during 2013 recorded “Quidam”, the band’s 3rd record, released early this year on 12” vinyl.”

“The guys worked perfectly. Such albums appear once in five years, no more.”
Darkside Webzine

“A glorious drive of instrumental prowess and power, Quidam is a must for exquisite post rock and instrumental journeys.”
Selective Memory

“Throw some headphones on and get lost. Sometimes we just have to get lost in order to find things we never may have expected? This record is a great way to do that. Give this an honest listen and I promise you’ll be thankful you did.”
Sly Vinyl

“The perfect album to get lost in for either a half hour or several hours as the album plays front to back with great synergy. This is definitely a release I’ll keep my eyes and ears on later in the year as we gear up for year-end awards. Well worth your listen!”

“…is the sheer elegance of the atmospheric post-rock sound that makes Quidam a great and enjoyable album.”
Echoes and Dust

“This is their best work yet, with every step taken a confident stride in the right direction.”
A Closer Listen

Tides From Nebula, A Storm of Light, Nadja, Minsk, My Own Private Alaska, Astralia.

Also participated as the surprise band in Amplifest 2013, among such great names like Russian Circles, Deafheaven, Chelsea Wolfe, Year of No Light.

Memoirs, 2008
Kinetic, 2010
Memoirs (Special Edition With Bonus Track), 2012
Quidam, 2014

Bandcamp | Facebook | Youtube

If you had a label what local band(s) in Portugal would you sign?
JUSEPH, besides being our close friends, it’s a band that we saw rising and they are playing very well. We love their sound!

Who or what inspires you?
What inspires us… Well, maybe the ordinary things of life and of ourselves! We only let our feelings roll on the music.

Future Catacombe plans?
We would love to do a European tour, for a bunch of Portuguese post-rockers is not easy at all, but we´ll try! Ah, and of course, writing new songs!



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