Weird. – A Long Period of Blindness

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Incomprehensible singing is often a part of anything connected to shoegaze, and, like most things, it has its good and bad sides. It’s a style that either floats you on the surface of what a band has to say, or plunges you into the deepest caves in search of treasure chests full of meanings and contexts. Looking up lyrics can change a lot in the appreciation of a particular album – it can transform a bunch of cool tracks into an unforgettable listening experience which leaves you with your thoughts for hours. Such is the case with A Long Period of Blindness, the sophomore LP by Italian trio Weird.

Weird. can be described as the lovechild of True Widow and Whirr, born in a place never touched by the sun. Shoegaze was always about sadness, but Weird is more about despair. A Long Period of Blindness is beautiful in a way an atomic mushroom is beautiful – it provides a breathtaking view, but you wouldn’t want to be inside of it, and you certainly wouldn’t want to feel like a person affected by it. The composition and arrangement of songs are examples of a perfect equilibrium between loudness, melody and space. All the while, you can’t detect that Weird. are just three people – they rather sound like a sad earthquake slowly ripping everything apart.

RELEASE DATE: 02 March 2015 LABEL: Lady Sometimes Records

Lyrically, Weird. take on the rather clichéd theme of love, or rather a lack of it, in a place where it used to be. However, the way the stories (howled by Marco Barzetti) unfold show that we don’t encounter yet another bunch of sad break-up stories – instead we explore the deepest anxieties and despairs of a person full of uncertainties. Each song is like a deep-sea dive into the cave of an unstable – perhaps even insane – mind. We encounter a person submerged in depressive thoughts, reminiscing on the past. He or she is uncertain, expressing both hate and love for the same person, slowly decaying into madness, screaming, “Why do I drown?/ I feel lost in this world so please let me out of here.”

Listening to A Long Period of Blindness is an emotional ride with no brakes. It is a dark representation of a love-deprived human being, and it will make you feel like one. It is one of those albums that should be listened to as a whole to achieve its greatest effect on the listener. I can confidently say that Weird.’s style, especially their songwriting, is much more mature than on their debut Desert Love For Lonely Graves. The trio is now louder, sadder and more spacious. They are one of these bands, like Led Zeppelin or Tame Impala, with a really good debut and a close-to-masterpiece sophomore that set high standards for their successive records.

They say the third album is a test of band’s ability to write good songs and, well, it doesn’t look like the direction Weird. pursues is an endless well of ideas for good songs. This is not to say that the third LP is doomed to fail, but rather that the next record can be a chance for Weird. to explore and expand the boundaries of what they now do. 

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