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After some research I have to admit, I still know little about UK band Satellites. But that’s ok for me. The mystery behind the music adds to the fact that I’ve been relishing within their new EP ‘Shorelines’. What I do know is that the band resides in Lancaster and consists of Daniel Newton and Andy Mackinnon on guitars, James Chester on Bass and James King on drums.

A nice quick but full flowing intro warms you into Shorelines, and I do like an intro when it comes to listening to more than 4 or 5 tracks so that I can get a feel of where the band is about to head. It becomes apparent from ‘A Glorious Death’ that the bassist and drummer have a good solid relationship from the start, which is key in any standard 4-piece rock band. Although you’d be surprised how often it doesn’t happen. The guitars are exactly as you would expect from a well-developed post-rock band and have that lovely twinkle when necessary and then that heavy raucous feel when ready to let go. There’s clearly a lot of understanding between the musicians on this EP and it helps the songs come together so unequivocally.

RELEASE DATE: 2009  LABEL: Independent

My stand out track is ‘Found at the shoreline’. What I like about this track is the fact that the bassist helps to digest the heavy chords within the song whilst the 2 guitars are allowed to diversify with different textures. This is something that a lot of bands do, and Satellites do very well. We finish on ‘Floods’, which opens up with a Sigur Ros feel to the song. Very beautiful but misleading as the song actually erupts into their heaviest of the 6 songs.

There are a lot of drum rolls, fills, and classic post-rock elements to this band and the EP, and its really good listen from start to finish. Their may be a few minor timing issues but who cares, I love ‘Shorelines’. The songs are well written, structured wonderfully, and the recordings are well executed. ‘Shorelines’ didn’t even have to grow on me, it hit me from the start and I’ll be looking out for them in the future without a doubt.

By Mark Wardale
Mark Wardale is a multi-instrumentalist and goes under the pseudonym Row Boat. Mark has had 2 successful albums released to date and received nominations for ‘Best Post-rock Album of 2013’ for ETT. He also writes for UK based Music magazine Echoes & Dust.

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