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There is one thing that I can’t stand about the current post-rock movement and it’s the fact that everything needs to be so dreamy. Today, post-rock means melancholic melodies and dreary soundscapes all around. Don’t get me wrong, I love post-rock and the way it changed the world of rock ‘n roll, but at times I’m a terrible romanticist who lives with his head in the seventies and eighties. Sometimes I just want to rock out to a set of really awesome riffs without having to wade through the dense and sludgy material that a lot of bands pump out today; sometimes I do want to listen to a song that has a structure and a memorable chorus.

Some time ago I was in such a mood, where I needed music that came in bite-ready chunks; music that would not only elevate my heart, but that would also entertain my mind. Enter Pray For Sound. The opening sounds of “Dreamer” weren’t so different from what I would expect from an average post-rock outfit, yet I felt a tinge inside that excited me. Something was there that made me want to hear more. A seed of hope had been planted and my faith was not to be disappointed.

RELEASE DATE: 09 July 2014  LABEL: Flesh and Bone Records

Over the past few weeks, “Dreamer” has grown to become a record that greatly satisfies me as a music fan. It has given me something that a lot of other bands couldn’t: the ability for me to flip the metaphorical record and give it another spin. With “Dreamer”, I have no trouble wrapping my mind around, and deep into the material.

The three guitar-set up that Pray For Sound handle is surprisingly diverse; no dense walls of distorted guitars, no endless successions of ethereal melodies. The three sets of six-strings are in reality quite detached from one another, making it seem as if the production is rather disengaged. The lead guitars rarely take center stage and every instrument just jumps around a sonic void that sharply contrasts with the crisp and magnificently apt drumming.

The musicians in Pray For Sound are eager to carry each other’s melody. Individual instruments act and react to what the others are doing and without superimposing, they co-exist in a coˆperative manner. “Dreamer” carried an ethos that breathes power pop and melodic metalcore, yet behind it all, Pray For Sound manage to create a world of frivolity and wonder.

I’m not going to waste any more words on this; no tiring song analitics, no nitpicking on what kind of amplifier the third guitarist should have used. I love this record to bits and the fiver for the download is a terrible joke because really, I would give my heart for this one.

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