Photophob – Wasteland Vibes

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In a world full of electronic music albums, artists have to be creative and original to produce something that is worth listening to. In the end, why should the listener choose their album in particular when there are so many other options?

To make a difference, artists have to get creative. Using various different techniques, original samples, and personal experience along with a lot of sweat and sleepless hours always help. Photophob, a project by Herwig Holzmann, is a a wonderful proof for my claim. Having released more than thirty albums, Holzmann has once again managed to provide us with an album that is worth listening to.

RELEASE DATE: 20 December 2014 LABEL: M-tronic Records 

The album has eleven tracks with various lengths. Although sometimes it carries well known characteristic features of certain (sub)genres, what you hear will attract you anyways as the original samples come perfectly together. The instrumentation is also deeply satisfying: fat synths swinging together with occasional glitches, grimy ambient sounds as well as breakbeat rhythmic patterns. Just the right stuff for those who fancy those keywords, like myself.

As the name of the album also hints, the whole album has an oriental and tribal taste to it. It is a common idea to infuse various exotic essences into the mixture, but Photophob has successfully managed to deal with the process. You do not sense an artificial feeling, rather you recognize familiar sounds diffusing into each other and dancing with the beat.

Although the album could be analyzed track by track, I have no wish to do so. The album as a whole is quite interesting, but Wasteland Dub, being also the name of the album, as well as Dust Devil are tracks that must be listened to. I also enjoy listening to the Outro Dub over and over again, the vibrant timbre of the oriental instruments charm me every single time.

This album will satisfy those who would enjoy listening to an electronic album adorned with original samples, groovy basslines and juicy synths. If you enjoy what you hear, I would also suggest to check other works of Photophob as well. It is rarely a bad idea to follow a talented and productive artist.

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