Tom’s Story – Tom’s Story

Let’s face it – math-rock is in full bloom, and has been so for the past few years. It’s not a relatively “new” genre,…


Hot Moth – Small Fires

Their bandcamp page has tags ranging from “alt-pop” to “progressive rock” to “pop punk”. Their description on the very same page simply reads “Riffs….


Hadoken – Hadoken

Hadoken were an odd outfit. Describing themselves as “elemental instrumental music,” their  style is an intriguing mix of the instantly appealing and seemingly intentionally…


Cleft – Wrong

Cleft have been ripping math-rock a new one for five years now, and they figure that’s enough time to be doing that. They’ve announced…


Wander – Mourning

Oakland, CA quartet Wander, and their full-length debut “Mourning,” in many ways stand in contradiction to what one might expect going in. Despite the…


Winter Dust – Thresholds

During the formative years that shaped my current musical interests, I found myself drawn to post-punk and emo, as well as emo’s even more…


Jeremy Flower – The Real Me

Jeremy Flower has 30 Facebook page likes. He has released one of the best albums I have ever heard, just a couple of months…


Australasia – Notturno

‘What if Alcest hadn’t abandoned its black metal influences on their latest record?’ lamented the four sad, yet in their minds still apocalyptic, metal…


Poly-Math – Melencolia

If you’ve never heard Poly-Math before; whatever you do, don’t read other press for this album. Sensational claims and overused PR buzz words like…


Orson Hentschel – Feed the Tape

Coming onto the scene with an hour-long collection of sounds and rhythms, the Düsseldorf-based Orson Hentschel pretends to be more of a multimedia artist…