Jardin De La Croix – Circadia

Sometimes I wish I were an all-knowing music God. That way I would have been aware of Jardin De La Croix for years, now….


Wang Wen – Sweet Home, Go!

With Sweet Home, Go! Wang Wen show that they are willing to break barriers. “Everything about music should be based on auditory sense,” they…


KOVLO – Timelapse

I’ve always enjoyed late night hangouts: the kind filled with having a couple of friends over, drinking some beers and just keeping the night…


Tangent – Collapsing Horizons

With their third record Collapsing Horizons, Dutch electronic duo Tangent have created a lullaby of decay. Its holistic approach to concept and convincing atmosphere…


The Bird’s Companion – Still Life EP

Casey van Wensem is a composer and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Canada. Under the moniker The Bird’s Companion, he creates lush, evolving soundscapes ranging from…



2016 has been a transitionary year in many regards for modern post-rock. It has been nearly two decades since bands like Godspeed You! Black…


Odradek & Sphaeras – Sun Seeker

As little as regional boundaries might matter in the overall realm of post-rock and other forms of alternative guitar-based music, it is so refreshing…


Code I – Phosphenia

Code I has always been, to me, like an old friend. I could always rely on his music to come through for me, even…


TesseracT – Errai

Remakes, sequels and “re-imaginings” seem to be all the rage these days in the entertainment industry. It seems you can’t go to the cinema…