Mechina – As Embers Turn To Dust

Science fiction-themed lyrics are nothing new within metal. There are plenty of great bands—such as Vektor, Ayreon, The Contortionist—that talk of space travel and…


Pettersson – Rift and Seam

It would seem that where genre-bending is concerned, the coupling of post-rock and screamo is a formidable one, with each doing the other a…

Incubate Festival 2016

In these times of distrust and ongoing cutbacks in cultural spending, tides are getting rough for small indie festivals. Dunk! lost their government funds…


Jet Plane – Pipe Dream

I pretty much listen to music non-stop while I’m working. I always say that when I’m listening to a record that keeps me from…


Mantra – Laniakea

It’s getting difficult to find time for a long album in our increasingly transient modern lifestyles. We have become accustomed to digesting our music…


Sleep Token – One

Two months ago, we shared the first single of London-based act Sleep Token, and engaged in a long and fruitless search for their identity…


Eternal Deformity – No Way Out

2016 has not been a spectacular year for metal. There have been a handful of terrific albums but the general standard of new releases…


Ultar – Kadath

Howard Phillips Lovecraft is a widely acclaimed sci-fi writer whose work firmly established in the global nerd canon. Lovecraft’s sensational combination of horror and…


Meniscus – Refractions

The daily rat race of life can be a real drag sometimes. Many of us get into a daily routine which can go on…


Jardin De La Croix – Circadia

Sometimes I wish I were an all-knowing music God. That way I would have been aware of Jardin De La Croix for years, now….