Valis Ablaze – Insularity

Hearing some bands for the first time can be a challenging, demanding listening experience as you try to understand their sound and figure out…


Glories – There Is No Stillness

The Birmingham, Alabama-based instrumental act Glories have been praised in the past for their uplifting music with smooth dynamics and overall great emotive qualities….


Poppy Nogood – Mood Paintings

Long story short: I had a bad day at work. On the train back home, I started listening to Mood Paintings. Shortly afterwards, I…


Andy Shauf – The Party

If you need any proof that, in spite of apparent evidence, the world is slowly getting better, listen to Andy Shauf’s “The Party”. Forty…


Old Solar – Quiet Prayers

Old Solar surprised a lot of people with the energetic “SPEAK” album. Coming out of seemingly nowhere, its impact reached as far as becoming…



Landing in the sweet spot right in between rock and metal and between the “prog” and “post” prefixes, French quartet RIVIERE are sure to…


Last Builders Of Empire – Hades

Where do souls go after death? This is probably one of the biggest questions of all time. According to Greek mythology, when we pass…


Bantha Rider – Bantha Rider

I have never liked novelty bands, in the past. They always amounted to a waste of my time. So it slowly became a personal…


Au Champ Des Morts – Dans La Joie

Enough has been said about the merits of the French metal scene, which is especially notorious for artists situated outside the spectrum of what…


Dreariness – Fragments

Dreariness characterise themselves as playing depressive black metal, which is, regardless of their intention, an offence. This genre designation is generally reserved for bands…


36 – The Infinity Room

It seems we have all been living through a revival of the 1980s the past couple of years. TV shows like Stranger Things dominate…