Kuhn Fu – Kuhnspiracy

Writing about Kuhn Fu has been fun for me before, but their latest release brings the thunder to such an extent, it’s no longer…


Vesper Sails – Cheshire King

Genre titles can be a slippery thing. More often than not, I’ll tag a band I’m covering with the genre descriptions they use on…


Appalaches – Cycles

Out of the gate it was clear that Montreal’s Appalaches had the ability to be a great modern post-rock band. Their sound was finely-tuned,…


George Will – Dawn

In early 2014 Latvian post-metal band Audrey Fall released Mitau, a very successful debut album that took many people by surprise, including the band…


Heron – You Are Here Now

After what some perceived to be an up-and-down previous year for post-rock releases, it certainly did not take long for 2017 to show out…


Valis Ablaze – Insularity

Hearing some bands for the first time can be a challenging, demanding listening experience as you try to understand their sound and figure out…


Glories – There Is No Stillness

The Birmingham, Alabama-based instrumental act Glories have been praised in the past for their uplifting music with smooth dynamics and overall great emotive qualities….


Poppy Nogood – Mood Paintings

Long story short: I had a bad day at work. On the train back home, I started listening to Mood Paintings. Shortly afterwards, I…