Band Review: Kusanagi

Post-rock and neighbouring genres, usually instrumental, are, more often than not, being accused of seeming sad and melancholic. Since I personally don’t agree with…


The Movements – Like Elephants 1+2

It’s hard to put your feelings into words, conveying what you think, across several media and onto the paper. Even now, after listening for…


Pray for Sound – Dreamer

There is one thing that I can’t stand about the current post-rock movement and it’s the fact that everything needs to be so dreamy….


Waking Aida – Eschaton

Ever wanted to do something silly with your childhood friends? Climb a tree in the backyard, spend whole day laying on the grass watching…


Spiral – Cloud Kingdoms

In recent years Polish post-rock scene has experienced an enormous and exponential growth of number of bands. I would attribute this not only to…


Shadowpeak – Shadowpeak

Every time I set my eyes on the cover art of Shadowpeak’s debut EP, I can’t help myself feeling a sense of nostalgia. As…


Anathema – Distant Satellites

DISTANT SATELLITES is an album that evokes so many feelings for me. The moment it came out I was still being haunted by 2012’s…


cecilia::eyes – Disappearance

Today, it seems quite hard to find a really good underground post-rock band, as post-rock is a genre that includes a number of bands…


I am Wolves – I am Wolves EP

The sound of winds making water flow and the soft thumping of elven feet emerges from the unclustering mist that lays thickly upon the…


Astralia – Atlas

Barcelona is to me a synonym of beauty. I had the indescribable pleasure of visiting this magnificent city, sadly just once and, thus, ever…