Sea in the Sky – Serenity

Sea in the Sky are a young band from the States who bring us their first full length “Serenity”. On their Facebook profile they…


Coldbones – Distance

Coldbones is a young 3-piece instrumental band from Kent/Brighton, United Kingdom. Signed to Dream Atlantic Records last summer, they have now released their first EP…


Landmarks – Landmarks EP

As we near the end of 2014, it’s a must to look back on albums that we might have missed or slept on from…


Tired Tape Machine – Not Here

Tired Tape Machine is the solo project of Swede, Petter Lindhagen. With no idea what to expect at all, the opening track of Tired…


Nit Project – Mx Lullabies

Last year, Spanish neoclassical composer Tomeu Alcover delivered up his third album “Mx Lullabies”, but that didn’t prevent him from bringing it again to…


Falcon Arrow – Tower

There’s always a worry in the back of my mind when a band comes about that consists of only a drummer and a bassist….


Seamajesty – Seamajestea

“Sometimes you just gotta do it yourself!”, I’m sure that’s what many of us have said at one time or another when things haven’t…


Numph – Theories of Light

When I decided to write a review about the latest album from the Italian progressive rock band Numph, I was eager to find out…


Minnow – Trembles & Temperance

It was the summer before my moving to Antwerp, and I remember being home alone on the summer night that saw my hometown host…


All Shall Be Well – BLAUWGEEL

“BLAUWGEEL,” the sophomore album of instrumental group All Shall Be Well (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well),…


Fvnerals – The Light

Fvnerals will release their first album The Light in December on vinyl (via Throne Records) and online (via Eerie Echoes Records). By no means…


Mother’s Cake – Off the Beaten Track

I really enjoy live albums. It’s just that typical ‘roaring’ sound of people cheering and applauding in between songs, the bare bone arrangements and…