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Using electronics as a medium for music is rapidly growing, with almost non-stop advancement of different branches and genres. While it is not an entirely new revelation, the progress it has made in the past years have been nothing short of remarkable. With the evolution of electronic music, there are successes and there are failures. Luckily, when Metavari entered the world of electronics, they came out with an intelligent and inspiring record that brings out the best of the genre.

“Moonless” is a new chapter in Metavari’s career, being that it is the first from them that is deeply rooted in electronics. The album is mainly instrumental, but there are vocals sprinkled throughout the album. The first song, “Heavy Love”, is the first introduction you get to Metavari’s new sound. It was featured on our site before, but it must be known that this song is the perfect opening to their album. This side of very well crafted electronic music is what impresses me the most. You can dance to this song, or quietly sink in and really feel the music.

RELEASE DATE: 17 February 2015 LABEL: Vital Shores 

This is an album that should be listened to in full, but two tracks that really held that point for me were “Irresistible” and “Immaculate”. Both tracks are very short, but the way they play off of each other is nothing short of impressive. “Irresistible” is more ambient, and much more dreamy. There’s enchanting vocal melodies while the beat is more relaxed and stable. The beat picks up near the end, and that’s when “Irresistible” stops. Then, “Immaculate” picks up right when the song ends, and the song is incredibly upbeat. Every little sound that is incorporated to both songs create a complete atmosphere to pull the listener in and pay attention to, every little detail must be heard. The symbiosis of “Irresistible” and “Immaculate” drives the point home as to why you must listen to “Moonless” from start to finish.

While we’re still talking about the shorter tracks off the album, “Theme from Moonless” is a song you cannot miss. At almost 2 minutes in length, this song will throw you in a trance of emotions that won’t be forgotten. First, it shoves you in a world of despair, covered with distorted vocals. Then, the synths build up, dream-like and hypnotizing, and it slowly washes over. The most notable part of the track is the stunning saxophone solo that absolutely took me by surprise. You can feel the emotion in the saxophone as it cries out for you to hear. As breathtaking as this song is, the overall feeling of melancholy will be stuck with you, and it will strike deep down.

Of course, there are songs that aren’t as heavy as “Theme from Moonless”. “Awake as One” and “Be Free (Tonight)” stand out as the more playful songs from the album. From the opening xylophones in “Awake as One”, the song is fast and its easy to get lost. The song constantly transforms itself, while keeping the chaotic keys intact. My favorite part were the crashing drums that come in briefly around the 3 minute mark on the song. It gave the song a burst of energy and intensity, and in an instant disappears to leave the song in a much more mellow state. “Be Free (Tonight)” may have deep, heavy synths, but it’s very catchy once the melody starts. The steel drums scream out nothing but fun and the unintelligible vocals hold the song together. This song is cheerful and bubbly, and is my go-to for the more synth-pop feeling from the album.

A great thing to take note of is just how many different genres they pulled from to make this album. They have songs that are more EDM-based, but also songs that are ambient and more synth-pop. “Tide and Watchfire” is the more peaceful side to the album, while “Sprit Temper” is filled with tumultuous noise. There is never a dull moment throughout, and each song is a new surprise. You can’t expect anything going into this album, as “Moonless” is filled with twists and turns.

Metavari’s “Moonless” is an album that is beautifully crafted and full of depth. It will pull you in, inevitably taking you through emotions of happiness, despair, and everything in between. The result is a world filled with an expanse of emotion, and an expanse of genres as well. Also, the musicianship on this album is prevalent, and they’ve created a wonderfully mature album. You must listen more than once to catch every little piece that they worked on to make the album what it is, and if you’re lucky, you’ll wind up loving it more and more each time like I did.

 You can purchase the digital LP as well as vinyl bundles here, or you can get it from their BandCamp. Also, you can give them a like on their Facebook or follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with their plans after the album release.

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