Jelly For The Babies – Down Low

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Most of us like a good night of clubbing from time to time. However, not everybody likes the music that is being played in the clubs – pop hits and crappy remixes fill ears of clubbers all around the world. There are DJs though, who find joy and occupation in creating some quality beats made for proper nights out, when you keep your feet on the dance floor from dusk until dawn.    

One of these people is a Serbian DJ Raskovic Marijan, known as Jelly For The Babies. Started in 2007, JFTB is a very active member of deep house and techno scene with about 350 releases in around 30 labels. He also has his own podcast called “Deep Impact” on Proton Radio, one of the leading EDM stations. Recently, he released a new EP “Down Low”. It contains one new track from Marijan along with two remixes by Dustin Nantais and Kristina Lalic.

RELEASE DATE: 07 January 2015 LABEL: Submarine Vibes 

JFTB’s music is often described as “candy flavor of club sound”. However strange it might sound, all the doubts are eradicated after the first listen of “Down Low”. Marijan chooses samples and beats carefully – “Down Low” is pushed forward by a chilled synth backed up by tech drumming. Having this frame, JFTB sprinkles some additional sounds all over the track making it sound interesting and fresh from the beginning to the end.

First of the two remixes starts off with a speech by Gandhi – kind of a weird thing to hear in a techno song. However it all turns out just fine, when the last word of speech “operation” is sampled and used as an instrument. It sounds amazing over the thick drum line and stretched synths which then turn into Disclosure-esque chilled spills of sound. The track however ends so quickly that I couldn’t even begin to enjoy the great work which was done in this remix.

Second remix has a typical techno vibe with a very distinctive hi-hat and bass drum cooperation. It is much faster than previous two tracks and resembles the original mix in the smallest extent. It is a good piece to dance to, but when it comes to plain listening, the two previous tracks are more interesting and complex.

“Down Low” is a short EP (all three tracks together last only eight minutes), but it consolidates JFTB’s position on the techno/deep house scene. Tracks on “Down Low” are engaging both while listening or when you feel like dancing. JFTB doesn’t lose his aptitude for creating top tunes even after releasing myriads of them in the recent past.

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