Jardin De La Croix – Circadia

7 Production
7.5 Composition
6.5 Mood
8 Instrumentation

Sometimes I wish I were an all-knowing music God. That way I would have been aware of Jardin De La Croix for years, now. Alas, that is not the case. I hadn’t even heard of this band until someone posted about them after their latest release, Circadia. But there is no time like the present to get acquainted with this mesmerizing album.

RELEASE DATE: 18 October 2016  LABEL: Aloud Music & Lar Gravacions

They introduce themselves loudly and all at once, immediately immersing you in dense layers of calculated cacophony. And even though there is a keyboard present, it doesn’t sound jazzy at all, which I appreciate. Too many times Math bands wedge the keys in there with no grace whatsoever to appeal to a wider audience, or fit in with other jazzy Math bands. For whatever reason, Jardin De La Croix has decided against this, and I love them for it.

When they quiet down and catch their breath, the layers are still present and active, but they aren’t nearly as dense. They can still be just as complex as before and simultaneously add a beautiful aspect to their sound. The acoustic bits in ‘Reversion’ are probably the best example of this. Plus I’m a sucker for acoustic guitar.

Throughout the album, you’ll hear other instruments make guest appearances in each song, on top of the core Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Keyboard. And each guest appearance makes each track that much better than it was before, like whipped cream on whipped cream. Everything is orchestrated so carefully that it’s impossible to miss any of the moments that makes this album so good.

You could pick any track randomly, and they would all scream to you with their expertise of each member’s instrument. They all carry each other and showcase themselves at the same time like a suspension bridge.

The only time I found myself disagreeing with ‘Circadia’ was during “Intermareals” when the guitar was palm muting in rapid succession, making this slightly unpleasant chugging noise. It made for a nice and heavy breakdown, but I personally dislike that sound. Outside of this I couldn’t find any other problems, subjectively or objectively.

I was writing my thoughts down when I was listening to ‘Circadia’ critically, and by the time it was over, my paper in front of me read more like a strange love letter than anything else. I really do love this album tremendously, and I hope that you’ll fall in with with it too.

Jardin De La Croix,
Music’s boring without you
Serenading me.

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