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To say that post-rock has come far since its inception is an understatement. Over the years, the genre has evolved and branched off in so many ways that was never thought of when the genre first started. However, seeing how far post-rock has come, I still love to listen to the more “traditional” post rock bands, like Explosions in the Sky or If These Trees Could Talk. It’s not every day you hear bands that keep the original style of post-rock in their music, but one band that does is in:tides.

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, in:tides blends the modern feel of post-rock with the roots of the genre, creating a wonderfully refreshing sound on their debut EP titled “Yours is the Earth”. The band obviously has an interest in science, with their name referring to the gravitational force on the Earth from the Moon, for the post-rock listeners who enjoy science as well. While only four songs, the length is about 24 minutes, which means each song has a good deal of length to it, and a great deal of amazing music as well. Each song is unique, and displays different talents the band has to offer, so it is only right to talk in depth about each song and what makes them stand out.

RELEASE DATE: 31 October 2014 LABEL: Self-Released 

The first track off the EP is “A Moment of Clarity”, which starts out peaceful and almost dream-like. The simple yet effective guitar melody drives the song forward with the drums backing. This song shows how well the guitars and drums play off of each other, both promoting a very upbeat and happy tone. Another impressive feat is that the bass is not only heard, but adds to the song. It’s easy for the bass to be drowned out in a lot of songs, and that isn’t just limited to post-rock, but in:tides lets you know that the bass is there, and it even leads the song at points. “A Moment of Clarity” also shows us the heavier side of the band, even though it is only for a small duration, but it teases the listener to see what lies ahead.

“Porcelian Waves” is the second song, which was also the band’s first single. This is the longest off of the EP, clocking in at just under 7 minutes. Given the length, they keep you intrigued throughout the entire duration with the impressive guitar work and playful drums. I’m reminded of sitting on the beach, watching the ocean when I listen to this song, which is probably the reason behind the title of the track. The build-up in this song is very reminiscent of older post-rock bands, but blended with the intensity of more modern post-rock outfits. The result is an extreme pulse of energy and amazing instrumentation coming from all fronts, but never does it go too far overboard, and still has the capacity to come down and link back with the lighter side of the song. I love how in:tides still heavily relies on the guitars and drums to make most of their songs, and only uses synthesizers or other effects when it is needed.

Photo by Aidan O'Mara
Photo by Aidan O’Mara

The EP title Yours is the Earth is taken from an excerpt in the inspirational Rudyard Kipling’s “if” poem, which reads in-full: “Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it.” We felt this was a powerful message and decided to use it in another context, give it new meaning and an alternative platform.

After “Porcelain Waves”, “Yellow Leaves from Maple Trees” follows with very exciting percussions. The beginning of the songs plays with what sounds like an xylophone, adding emphasis on the guitar. Around the halfway mark, the song transitions into an ethereal soundscape, and it might be my favorite atmosphere that this EP has to offer. The drums keep the song cheerful, while the ambient guitars are layered beautifully. The combination of the two creates an interesting yet appealing song, and it is the perfect way to lead into the title track, “Yours is the Earth”.

“Yours is the Earth” proves the point that title tracks are more than just a name. The EP has been leading the listener to this point, and it takes no time to build intensity. In fact, the song stays intense until the end, and you’re always waiting for what’s happening next. The peaceful portions are stunning, but what follows is what is most important. About three and a half minutes in is when the song hits you, and it will hit you hard. The guitars scream out, and simple yet effective hits on the crash keep the song in line. It’s hard to describe the sound that the guitars make, because it is so unique and fascinating that it must be heard to understand. The guitars never slow down, and carry on until the last note to end the EP.

Taking the EP as a whole, “Yours is the Earth” is just as meaningful as it is talented, and in:tides merges the two to immerse the listener in a swarm of emotion and expertise. in:tides put themselves on the map with this EP, and even before that they’ve been getting a lot of buzz just when they released their first single. It is no surprise that the EP lived up to the expectations, and it possibly could have surpassed them. in:tides was also featured on Arctic Drones before, in the article “More than Mogwai: A Closer Look at the Scottish (Post) Rock Scene”.

Here is a statement from the band, where they talk about the meaning behind “Yours is the Earth”, and a little history of how they came to be:

“We are in:tides from Glasgow, Scotland. A post-rock quartet who formed in late 2013 hailing from the home of Mogwai. We decided to merge our writing influences, mainly from instrumental artists!

We just released our first EP “Yours is the Earth” and wanted to make an impact with our debut therefore picked a huge title that we felt also holds a motivational and inspiring message. The EP title “Yours is the Earth” is taken from an excerpt in the inspirational Rudyard Kipling’s ”if” poem, which reads in-full: “Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it.” We felt this was a powerful message and decided to use it in another context, give it new meaning and an alternative platform.

We all share creative input and a keen interest in science and if our fans and others can connect with either a bit of art or music then that is pretty gratifying!

Our first single “Porcelain Waves” seems to have been a hit with the online post-rock community back in June and managed to get us early international recognition on Post-rock and on our very own BBC Scotland since forming a year ago. We are now looking to write some new stuff and play as much as possible and hope to see you guys at a show!”

You can buy the album on their Bandcamp, and be sure to keep up to date with the band via Facebook and Twitter.
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