Human Teorema – Feuer!

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What is it like to be true in music? How to keep it real when everything was already recorded, played and composed? Do we all need to create new stuff? How about making old inspirations work again by breathing some fresh air in between the dusty sounds? You don’t have to be completely new to be good. Human Teorema, a Parisian quartet, are actually even more original in a world where everyone’s biggest pursuit is to be original. Their latest EP “Feuer!” is an example of a piece of music inspired by bands like Pink Floyd or King Crimson which manages to the sounds of these two legends and sculpt them into the sound of a careless summer.

The four songs on “Feuer!” sound as if they were recorded for a movie about teenagers and placed into scenes of driving a no-top car. The characters are laughing, discovering and feeling free. We can feel the air and happiness in between the sounds. “It’s summer, we’re young, let’s go out and enjoy life” – the band shouts out during almost 25 minutes of “Feuer’s!” duration. Songs are driven by dynamic drums and twangy guitars which are the base for reverbed vocals. When it comes to composition, you can hear how Human Teorema are inspired by the legends of prog rock from 1970s. But when you look at the very music and sounds, you can say that the Parisians like a bit of lo-fi indie and harmonies similar to classic Billy Corgan’s Smashing Pumpkins compositions. Funny thing is that despite all these inspirations, Human Teorema don’t fall into plagiarism – they rather pay tribute to the old masters by recording an album that would make them nod their heads with appreciation.

RELEASE DATE: 12 December 2014 LABEL: Self-released

Human Teorema’s “Feuer!” is the album which joins Youth Lagoon-ish lovely summer music with some serious rock background and does it successfully. Parisians like to play with their music, take some sounds, bounce them a few times like a rubber ball and then make a song out of it. Tracks on “Feuer!” are therefore filled with freshness and crisp ideas which makes them interesting from the beginning until the end despite the fact that they’re quite lengthy. Each track is different and yet in each you can hear how characteristic is Human Terorema’s style. This may not be a revolutionary album, but it separates itself from all these clumsily edgy bands who try too hard to be innovatory. Human Teorema show us that music is all about fun and pure joy which comes from the sense of creating something together.


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