Good Morning Finch – Gemini

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EPs don’t really count as proper albums – bands can either use them to turn up the heat and keep the fans interested or, following the example of recent singer-songwriter sensation Courtney Barnett, to ignite the interest and leave people in the state of an anxious anticipation. There is also a third way – let’s call it “EPs for development”. It means that bands take a look back and see what is there to improve in their sound. That’s what Good Morning Finch, a quartet from Italy, did.

Listening to Good Morning Finch’s discography is a bit like watching a child grow. Their first two EPs, “40 Years Ago” and “Cosmonaut”, released in 2010 and 2013, were their teenage years. “Gemini”, their full-length debut, is an open-minded mature person, full of experiences and stories to tell. GMF started as an almost strict post-rock band with some serious influences from the likes of Explosions In The Sky. Now, they are no longer a group of guys with some inspirations and instruments, they are a proper band which managed to create its own style by combining post-rock with dream pop, lovely Sigur Rós-ish vocals and inter-genre voyages. The result? Almost an hour long sunny trip up to the sky. If I was to point out an activity which “Gemini” makes me feel like doing, it would be flying, but not as a human in a plane – rather as a bird among the clouds. It’s a happy and uplifting album, full of air and space.

RELEASE DATE: 09 March 2015 LABEL: W // M Records

Songs on “Gemini” don’t impose themselves on the listener, but they are also not “just there”. Tracks are really engaging, but in a way that allows you to do something else, like reading. For me, a person raised by bands that are capable of destroying your daily routine with their intrusiveness, making a record that actually allows you to get the full impression of music without dragging you away from reality should be considered a separate discipline of art. Good Morning Finch succeeded in that because of their incredible attention to putting all the right sounds in all the right places. The songs are well thought through – Italians managed to master the art of not playing a single note too much which gives the whole record a nice and smooth flow. Listening to “Gemini” is simply an unusually enjoyable experience.

Good Morning Finch really took their previous EPs into account while composing “Gemini”. On their debut album the Italians already sound like a bunch of really talented musicians who know each other really well and are aware that the sound of a band is created by interlocking between its members. If their tendency to draw conclusions from previous release will subsist, then I can’t wait to hear how sophisticated might their sophomore album be!  

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