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Fvnerals will release their first album The Light in December on vinyl (via Throne Records) and online (via Eerie Echoes Records). By no means a play on words, The Light is something rather dark coming from Brighton, UK. After last year’s EP The Hours, the trio continues and succeeds in forming their music as a unified whole.

RELEASE DATE: 01 December 2014 LABEL: Throne Records  / Eerie Echoes Records

The Light is a journey reaching through the edges of darkness and despair. The first two songs from the album are available on the band’s Bandcamp page. The first track, “Oath”, is the perfect song to introduce you to the album. It starts very slow, with a few tones repeating throughout the entire song and beautiful, subtle, almost haunting vocals. The song intensifies, revealing a doomish layer that tones it down again before making a transition to “Vakna”. “Vakna” flows with a similar structure, breaking down to a brighter part, sounding almost like a different song. Repetitive melody is seen throughout the entire album, making it very consistent. Songs flow very smoothly, sometimes making it hard to notice when one finishes and the other one starts.

“Aryd” was the one that stuck in my head and gave me the experience of literary transforming the words into emotion, almost dragging me down with it. Together with “Shine”, there is something strange about how these songs sounded different to me when listened to individually. It is almost like they left a completely different taste.

Swimming in the atmosphere of hopelessness in a meditative mood, “Tiga” led me through the journey of emptiness and total despair. This apathetic state perfectly continues in “Closer”, leading it to the climax of the album. I loved the way vocals evolved in this song, making it more intense.

“The Light” itself is a two-piece song left for the very end. The first part is instrumental and leading to what, at first glance, seems like a brighter piece. You shouldn’t be fooled by the name; this light is as monochromatic as it gets. According to Tiffany, in a Vents Magazine interview: “Using “The Light” as a title for the album came quite naturally for us. It’s a song we have been playing for some time and it felt like a good ground base to the album. The lyrics of “The Light” complete the all over meaning of the other songs, to be in a dark place where no light is to be seen.”

All in all, The Light took me to a very dark state of mind, and succeeded to keep me there for the entire album. Continuity of the songs is something we see throughout the album, making it well wrapped up and coherent. I wish I could hear more of that intense break down I got to experience a few times.

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