Faidel and Warmth – Magnitude

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Magnitude is the last work of the two successful producers, namely Faidel & Warmth and proves as a powerful, collaborative impact. In this 8-track album, there are several remixes to original tracks done by both artists, either alone or collaboratively. Generally reading such a deduction would make me think that the album might be boring, but in fact it is just the opposite in this case. The numerous remixes form a colorful variety in the album with rich taste and constitute a smooth and flowing order. An ambient mix is followed by one with a more vibrant rhythmic pattern, yet not shattering the overall deep dub mood of the whole album.

RELEASE DATE: 08 December 2014 LABEL: Etoka Records 

As put in own words, Faidel loves mixing formerly frowned upon songs in such a way that they show the expression and composition of the artist after being arranged again. Dark, deep loops echoing, bouncing and drifting through your ears would prove in fact, not only Faidel but both artists achieve what they claim to be doing quite elaborately.

With the dark, calm but rhythmic and almost meditative energy of the album is perfectly explained by the tags chosen to describe it by both artists. Being almost an hour long, the album is surely going to satisfy the listeners who enjoy listening to this style.

What I liked most about this album was the different dynamics and shifting energy of the order, nicely distributed by each song throughout the whole album. Also, the witty and skilful use of different loops together with rhythmic patterns and ambient sounds. The silent hissings and cracklings give a rather nostalgic feeling of the tape era, whereas the overall sound surely goes beyond the temporal limits of the music.

In general, I would suggest this album to all those who enjoy deep dub and ambient tunes, as well as to those who have an open ear for something new. I have been listening to the album for some time and don’t want to turn it off. Now I know that there are some of you who are reading these lines and are keen on post-rock. I invite you to hover your mouse over the play button and give a song a listen. Although it is hard to favor some over the others, I believe the original mixes of Away and Magnitude tracks are worth listening to as well.

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Faidel and Warmth – Magnitude

Magnitude is the last work of the two successful producers, namely Faidel...
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