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Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, and signed to Mogwai’s Rock Action Records, Errors are an indie band with quite a distinctive sound, a sound that has evolved and developed throughout their previous releases. They have been a somewhat experimental band from the get go with a fusion of a sort of instrumental indie and electronica. However through time they have amplified the experimentation more and more, moving away from the guitar heavy sound that is to be found in earlier albums and increasing the use of synth and keys, pushing the boat out with the use of them and shifting their sound to that of a more eighties electronic feel. It has been an eventual shift that has been happening throughout their career, but it has been a discernible transformation as their sound has developed through their previous albums. Many bands have attempted to give 80s synth-pop a go, but it’s often a flop when it comes to the execution. In their attempts there is too much imitation, an attempt to try and fit a vision of what was, but missing the mark on what should actually be for the current time and generation. Errors however have managed to pull off a sound that, whilst inspired by the 80s and 90s synth heavy genres, has retained a sound that is fresh and modern in its realisation.

RELEASE DATE: 23 March 2015 LABEL: Rock Action Records

The opening track, ‘Colossal Estates’, shows off this new direction of the band, and sets the route for the rest of the album. A mysterious and spacy beginning, arpeggiated synths bobble through with glassy notes tingling back and forth whilst an airy clap backs it all up. ‘Lease of Life’ follows, continuing the excitable and bubbly fun, a track reminiscent of Underworld, a vocal element comes into play adding yet more layers to the already rich and deep composition, the song builds into quite an epic dance track as an oriental riff bounces back and forth on top of an atmospheric cloud. As the album advances we are given more soundscapes to explore and delve into and Errors manage to make each one as interesting and fresh as the last. ‘New Winged Fire’ and ‘Genufection’ give a taste of the upbeat, whilst the short ‘Early Nights’ and beautiful ‘Putman Caraibe’ provide a more relaxed and mellow pace; with a full range of moods on show throughout the album it is an interesting listen from start to finish.

Errors have explored some new territory in ‘Lease of Life’, and delved deeper into a sound that they have been edging towards for a while now, really getting immersed in it all. The synths and keys have really come to the forefront of their sound now and there is a noticeable scarcity of guitar. It is also interesting due to the use of vocals that have often not been found in previous releases. However the vocal elements throughout the album feel less an endeavour of lyricism and more another instrument to be utilised, with the reverbing and lofty sounds created being more important than the words that are being said.

‘Lease of Life’ is definitely an exciting album, full of dreamy and spacy electro loveliness, the fusion of 80s synthpop electro with 90s acid house and techno creates a soundscape that is very light to listen to but is deep and rich throughout. With the use of multiple layers combining and new elements constantly nipping into the songs the album is full of evolving pieces that remain interesting on repeated listens as small nuances that had previously hidden away pop out at you. ‘Lease of Life’ comes across as a record of 80s futurism, the kind of stuff that we’d be hearing if Back to the Future 2 had got it right. Errors have harked back to an 80s vision of the future and they show us an example of the 2015 that we would have been in if we were living in the future of all those dreamers, several months before Doc Brown had prophesised. Now lets get back to working on the hoverboards and flying cars shall we?

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