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Sitting in a cold flat in London, it might be hard to imagine yourself basking in the rays of a crimson sunset, enjoying the generous shadow of a desolated palm tree while sea waves  playfully fiddle with your feet. However, this is the exact picture that comes to mind when listening to opening track of E.O.S’ EP Rainfall, bringing more warmth than my radiator could ever muster. Especially if it worked.

The band consists of Harry, Sebastian and George – three gentlemen, and music graduates of Newcastle University, who formed in September 2014 to debut this July. As they say themselves, the foundations for E.O.S are the principles of post-rock and a love for the acoustic guitar. I would add a flirtatious relationship with ambient music to complete the picture.

RELEASE DATE: 28 July 2015 LABEL: Self-released

With a tendency among young bands to forcefully demonstrate their technical prowess with an avalanche of complicated passages or lightning-fast riffing, I very much appreciate the thoughtfulness presented by E.O.S, to me being a simple, yet very effective proof of their confidence with themselves and their chosen instruments. This, in turn, left space for some other interesting achievements. The goal with composition usually is to create a neat balance of layered sounds, which together form more than just the sum of their parts. Rainfall, however, took me by a surprise. While it is utterly enjoyable to listen to the instruments and effects blending, I found myself trying to pick on particular tracks, bringing them to the front and treating what remained as a background, allowing myself to enjoy the songs differently each time I shifted my focus onto a different layer.

Taking a look at the second track from the EP, it begins with an almost inaudible background hum that’s soon joined sparingly by a few notes, slowly progressing towards the main motif of the song. But a while afterwards the bass guitar makes a subtle entrance with its delicate tremors. From this point onwards I start making my choices on how to enjoy Night, closely following keys present in the left channel and switching back to the background ambient-ish layer as soon as they are gone. The entire picture wouldn’t be full without the acoustic guitars, but this time I decided not to focus on them and enjoy their contributions as part of the background. However you listen to this track, it will be a smooth blend of peace and harmony, into which go feelings the musicians are trying to explore.

Rainfall is a very promising debut, offering four great tracks each with its own characteristics for a total of thirty minutes of personal bliss. As E.O.S have already promised an LP, I would love to see how they cope with the composition of an entire album, personally favouring the direction of a leading motif that would accompany the listener as he ventures between the tracks; changing, adapting, but present throughout the entire record, giving it a cozy sense of integrity. So, with the bar set by Rainfall, I will be looking forward to E.O.S’ next release.


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