Be My Friend in Exile – Creator, You Destroy Me

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6 Composition
6 Mood
7 Instrumentation

Be My Friend in Exile is the ambient/drone project of Miguel Gomes and the last album, Creator, You Destroy Me, has a dark and experimental touch to it. What also comes forward in this album is the production process as it hints on the feeling of the whole album as one listens to it. The produced and processed sounds dissolve into each other and form a dark soundscape.

The album consists of eight tracks and each track has a similar mood to it. Almost every track has several layers of sounds on top of each other, sometimes recognizably dissonant, slowly moving and evolving. This album is so dark and strong that I can even watch the picture it draws in my head; a black and white and fast forwarded video footage, showing moving images and distant silhouettes with no faces, walking uninterestedly. Maybe a rather synesthetic description of the album, but this is what I watch in my head every single time I listen to this album, so it may also give you a clue as you read this review.

RELEASE DATE: 20 January 2015 LABEL: Already Dead Tapes & Records
ESSENTIAL TRACK: Control Heartbeat Delete

There are slowly repeating patterns in several tracks, as in Ultima Linea Rerum and Fever Dream. On the other hand, there are longer tracks that slowly evolve into something different and float in time such as Memories of Childhood, Feelings for the Future or Floating Weightless Back to the Surface, I Imagine Becoming Someone Else. The track names define the tracks quite accurately, guiding you in this aural experience and foreshadowing on what awaits you ahead.

Although the general feeling to the album is dark and gloomy, one cannot say that every single track has the same feel to it. For me the longer tracks felt like a guided journey deep inside and the relatively shorter tracks such as Dzhan felt like alloyed fragments of a once whole story.

To conclude, I can say that this album has several noteworthy aspects to it and deserves a listen. If you enjoy what the tags connotate to you, you won’t be disappointed. That being said, not everyone might like the experience. I for one enjoyed this album, as well as the experimental approach of the artist. If you are familiar with the artist, you may know what to expect to some extent. I kind of searched for the same feeling I had while listening to Passive/Negative and I can say that this album feels different.

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