MINOT Announce Debut Album: Equal / Opposite

Photo by Shannon Corr

With the post-punk energy and relaxed tones of something from the world of the psychedelic, MINOT (pronounced “MY-not”) took root in the San Francisco Bay Area and has continued to flourish. The first music that would become the work of MINOT was written by guitarist/midi-programmer Matthew Solberg in 2010, shortly before the breakup of Solberg’s other band From Monuments To Masses. Solberg and drummer Shannon Corr had previously worked together in a noise rock atmosphere, which has had a heavy influence in the musical direction MINOT has taken.

Exclusively for Arctic Drones, Solberg had the following to say about the band’s upcoming album “Equal / Opposite”:

“When Minot first began after From Monument To Masses broke up in 2010, it was a small project among friends and the music was uncertain. Ben was busy with Tartufi and Shannon and I had our commitments as well. Since then, Minot has become the focal point of our musical lives, which is due largely to the huge amount of support and encouragement we’ve received from The Mylene Sheath and Golden Antenna Records. Since the first EP (An Era of Institutional Failure, 2011) we’ve worked very hard to find our true voice as a band and I think that’s evident on Equal / Opposite. This record makes our hearts pound and compels us to continue moving in a unified direction. It harnesses the power of three friendships, three instruments, and three years of musical experimentation. What makes us the happiest about Equal / Opposite is that it doesn’t sound like anyone else… it sounds like Minot. Thanks for listening.”

“Equal / Opposite” will be released in the United States on July 1, 2014 by The Mylene Sheath, and will be released in the E.U. on July 4, 2014 by Golden Antenna Records. Check out the tracklist and their new track Tharsis from their upcoming debut below:

1. Allostatic Load
2. Tharsis
3. The Left Hand of Darkness
4. The Horizon Problem
5. Unredacted
6. Millisievert
7. White Castle Doctrine

For more info on the band, check out their home site and their Facebook. For more on the album, check out The Mylene Sheath.

By Laura Kemmerer

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