Mandroid Echostar Release Instrumental Version Of “Citadels”

A week ago it was only a mad idea floating around on the band’s Facebook page but – more quickly than I thought – it became a real thing: Mandroid Echostar released an instrumental version of their metal prog masterpiece “Citadels”. They call on their fans to “listen to it, learn it, shred it, sing along to it, make up your own melodies, make sweet sweet love to it and sing to your partner (guaranteed the best they will ever have)”, and it’s highly probable that in no time the internet will spawn a lengthy string of slam vocal covers and the like.

The absence the high-pitched clean vocals that have become typical in a lot of progressive and technical metal makes the music come out much more, and though I think James Krul a magnificent vocalist, the music without his voice definitely has its value. On top of that, the band give the album away for free, so, for fans of technical metal that can’t stand the wailing of vocalists or people who want to have a shot at singing themselves: head over to the Mandroid Echostar Bandcamp page and download the “Citadels” instrumental album. Alternatively, you could also burn the album on a disc and install it as a soundtrack on your gaming consoles (I know XBOX has such an option), because this makes excellent background music for intense racing or heavy slaying. Of course you should check out the band’s other material and chip the lads a few of them Canadian dollars.

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