Dead Neanderthals and Machinefabriek Release ‘DNMF’

“BOOM! here it is” were the words with which Rutger Zuydervelt introduced his newborn baby to the world. The child of a madman – this is already Zuydervelt’s fifteenth outing this year. Under his customary nom de plume Machinefabriek, Zuydervelt worked with Dutch experimental jazz-duo Dead Neanderthals to bring you an album that seems more stillborn than alive; twisted, like a lot of experimental jazz can be.

DNMF consists of two side-long songs with titles that sound both harrowing and unearthly at the same time. “The Thing on the Doorstep” is a brooding song that slowly evolves into terrifying piece of noise-electronica which makes me remember that one time when I had bought a Yellow Swans record because it had a cool cover. My first dabbling in experimental noise was quite a shock, but in the end, it turned out that both these bands produce music that I can put on, then sit back with a book, and just let myself go with the flow of it all.

“The Colour Out of Space” steps things up, its noise-rock tones being a bit more subtle to the ears. I’m rather appreciating the slight nod to Shining’s Black Jazz album that DNMF displays, and I suspect this comes from the Dead Neanderthal’s side of the project. The occasional saxophone is really quite a blessing which, for the doubting listener, might lift this record from the dirt ground of dumb noise to the empyrean of music that might be considered art.

DNMF is streaming now and is available for pre-order as a download or on vinyl. There’s also a limited edition t-shirt that is so limited that it might be sold out the moment this gets published. Shipping proceeds on September 11.

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