Balmorhea To Release First Full-Length Album In Five Years

Balmorhea announce their sixth studio album called Clear Language, and it is to be released on September 22! The Austin, TX-based six-piece, founded by Rob Lowe and Michael Muller in 2006, return with a collection of ten brand new songs that herald a return to their minimal roots.

One of the ten “elegant, spacious gestures” that Clear Language contains is the album’s title track, which was released as an advance single. Clocking in at three minutes, the song is carried by two pianos; one playing swirling quadruplets interlaced by subtle triplets, while the other piano alternates between a honky-tonk sounding salvo and smooth chords. Finding beauty in simplicity—the first minute of Clear Language is perhaps the most beautiful part of the song. This small moment of rhythmic repose is then lost in layerings of strings and a distinct electric guitar that function as harbingers of the dawn. The instruments then fade out, returning to the cricket-filled ambient passage that opened the song, leaving the undersigned more than curious about what the rest of the album holds.

Clear Language is out on September 22, and is available for pre-order on CD, vinyl and deluxe vinyl through Western Vinyl. Purchasing details can be found on the band’s homepage.
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