Aviations Play New Song “Concrete Kittens” Live at Berklee

The Berklee College of Music is one of the most renowned music schools in the world, and it has spawned bands and musicians of prodigious skill. Some of these have left Berklee with fame in their trail, but Aviations have chosen a less conventional path with the release of their debut “A Declaration of Sound” in 2012. Now, a video appeared of the band playing a song called “Concrete Kittens” live at their own college and it is said to be the first single of their upcoming album.

Commenting on a song’s sound from a live video is, of course, tricky business. It seems that Aviations are leaving behind their tech metal roots in favour of a more jazzy sound. This does not mean however that the guys stopped shredding. “Concrete Kitten” sees the notes flying around on a bouncing main riff of jazz chords and it again spots Adam Benjamin’s typical way of singing, which comes closer to talking in different tone heights. The lyrics are surprisingly catchy and lean heavily on the English romanticist aesthetic present in indie folk and emo music.

Without further ado, here’s the video for “Concrete Kittens”. Take a look for yourselves:

To hear more from Aviations: http://aviations.bandcamp.com/

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