Meet the Team

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* Get to know us all a bit better!

Aytac Denk
Aytac Denk (Founder and editor-in-chief)
Kane Power
Kane Power (Contributing Writer)
Roberto Pereira
Roberto Pereira (Contributing Writer)
Aaron Edwards
Aaron Edwards (Contributing Writer)
David Zeidler
David Zeidler (Contributing Editor)
Eloi Mayano-Vinet
Eloi Mayano-Vinet (Contributing Writer)
Milana Jovic
Milana Jovic (Contributing Writer)
Toni Feliu
Toni Feliu (Contributing Writer)
Evan Lurie
Evan Lurie (Contributing Editor)
Mircea Laslo
Mircea Laslo (Contributing Writer)
Paul Ewbank
Paul Ewbank (Contributing Writer)
Kyle Boehrns
Kyle Boehrns (Editor)
Robert Westerveld
Robert W. (Contributing Writer)
Jedrzej Jedraszyk
Jedrzej Jedraszyk (Contributing Writer)
Jacek Kozinski
Jacek Kozinski (Contributing Writer)


* People no longer actively writing for Arctic Drones, but whom we salute for their contributions and time here.

Jonathan Spratling
Jonathan Spratling
Christian Moore-Wainwright
Christian MW
Deniz Saglam
Hugh Thomas
Hugh Thomas
Mattijs De Lee
Mattijs De Lee
Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson
Ruben Vandael
Ruben Vandael
Tarek Zakaria
Varun Khatri
Varun Khatri
Federico Bernardinelli
Federico Bernardinelli
Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans