Listen: thisquietarmy – “Anthems for Catharsis”

Before listening to an album, I usually look at the tags to have an initial understanding of what I should expect to hear, more or less. If it is categorized, say, as post-rock, I expect some aural story, a dreamy journey full of emotions.  Stoner rock?  I’ll probably hear harsh guitars with the distorted vocals accompanying them. Now when I see drone together with doom, my eyes grow larger. I think of Sunn O))) immediately (Maybe you have also seen the recent video where they play on the stage, extremely loud, behind a thick layer of smoke). Before playing thisquietarmy’s latest effort, I was kind of in a similar expectation.

After having listened to the album, I once again understood that trying to fit everything into one or two genres is unnecessary, and in certain cases, simply wrong. Anthems for Catharsis can also be categorized as doom and drone, but it is more than what those genre names portray. I didn’t only enjoy listening to the album but also felt that I could really get into it emotionally. It is dense, shifting from one genre to another as the album continues to play. Just like the smoke in the Sunn O))) video, the music fills the air in your room as you listen to it. The louder you play the album, the thicker the smoke becomes.

Generally I find it more healthy to listen to an album several times, or as many times as possible, while writing about it. That being said, I have to confess that I listened to this album so many times that I don’t even remember anymore. Every track on the album is another land to discover, and you can always wander around without paying attention to your surroundings – you will enjoy the album nevertheless.

thisquietarmy has also maintained a great musical diversity in this album. Certain songs have the black metal touch to them with the rhythm and equalization, whereas others are purely drone. Repetetive patterns and an ambient tendency give the album further character. This is actually what I liked about the album the most, it has character. It is not just another genre-specific album.

All in all, I was really impressed by the thisquietarmy’s new work and I believe it deserves your attention. Check yourself below.

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Listen: thisquietarmy – “Anthems for Catharsis”

Before listening to an album, I usually look at the tags to...
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