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Ever since we first featured Tatran, this fantastic trio keeps surprising me with their unique mix of influences. Offir Benjaminov, Tamuz Dekel and Dan Mayo are the masters of complex arrangements, virtuosity, innovation and dynamic improvisation.

Tatran recently released ‘Soul Ghosts’, a live concert recording. This album perfectly captures the band’s energy and flow. They’ve grown so much and I am amazed how, with every step, Tatran delivers the best possible results. Besides brilliant tracks heard on ‘Shvat’ and a few new ones introduced on “Soul Ghosts”, the true delight and a warm recommendation is Dan Mayo’s crazy set of skills. To see what I’m talking about, check out his Fb page. As for ‘Soul Ghosts’, it’s available on Bandcamp.

We got a chance to talk to Tatran about the new album, so check out what they had to say.

Since Soul Ghosts is a live recording, how did you feel about doing the album in that manner, compared to making the previous album?
The previous album, ‘Shvat’, was recorded with the intention of making an album. something that presents the music and the language we developed in the two years since we got together. We put a lot of thought and energy to the specific session and although it was recorded live in the studio during a couple of days, the whole process of rehearsing, listening back and trying different sound approaches took a few good months.

‘Soul Ghosts’ was a different story. There wasn’t a plan to make a new album yet and we didn’t even realize we had something special until it was recorded. When we played at the show we didn’t think about the fact that it’s being recorded, we just played, with no result in mind. Only when we listened back to the recording it hit us there is a story here that is complete and worth telling. From that point to the actual release, everything from mixing to the name and the artwork was done with the same kind of intuitive flow. Much of what the concept of an album means to us is the capturing of a moment. ‘Soul Ghosts’ is the epiphany of that to us in that sense. A complete unedited concert from beginning to end capturing the unique energies that were in the room that night and the vibes that were floating around us in that period.

On Soul Ghosts we can hear some new songs. Were any of the songs the result of improvising onstage?
We do like to improvise together a lot and some of the new songs did originate live onstage or at our studio. For example our song ‘Lemon’ was conceived at one of our first ‘experimental sessions’ which is a kind of shows we do that is all free improvisation. Generally, most of the new songs started or developed that way.

You recently played at the great State-X New Forms festival. How was that experience for you?
It was a pleasure and honor for us to be invited to this very cool festival that featured other artists that we appreciate and love. They gave us great ground to do our thing, which is not to be taken for granted. It was also our first time in Netherlands as a band and we love to go to new places, to play for new people, morph and experience the music through their reflection.

What does the future hold for you? Any tours planned?
We’re currently working on materials for our next album, and on new directions for a show that will travel through some different places musically. Right now we’re planning Europe and USA for 2016, and we promise to let you all know about that soon.

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  • Remember hearing them in Kaunas Jazz festival two years ago and it was such a jaw dropping experience. I didn’t dare to take a pee although i really needed to. I was afraid i’d miss something awesome. 🙂 One of my favorite bands ever since.

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