Listen: Release The Long Ships – “Wilderness”

Release The Long Ships is the solo project of Ferenc Kapiller based in Szombathely, Hungary. His new release Wilderness is not a continuation of Niche from 2013, as it shies away from using electronic sounds towards more mature and atmospheric instrumental music.

I had the pleasure to ask Ferenc about the album and here’s what he shared: 

I have never been a musician but I was a huge music listener. I started to create music in the fall of 2011, with only a microphone and an acoustic guitar just to embalm ideas; then a friend taught me the basics of recording and production. I made Wilderness with a 7-yrs-old PC and a cheap guitar, so it’s far from audiophile quality but I tried to do my best.

My greatest inspirations are nature and music (the atmospheric kind). If I had to name a few albums that stand out as main inspiration, I would mention Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, Souvenirs D’un Autre Monde by Alcest and Sea Of The Dying Dhow by *Shels. There are no hidden messages; this is an album inspired by nature and saving nature is the only chance for mankind to live a future, but hopefully everybody knows that already.

It is also worth mentioning that Ferenc has also created the artwork for Wilderness himself – it is a very special piece as he drew it right before his son was born, who looked exactly like that boy. He’s 3 years older now. While listening to this album you will surely be able to feel the dedication and heart that Ferenc Kapiller put into this record.

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